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Feng Shui Bagua

Thursday 21 March, 2019.

The feng shui bagua is used for reading the life areas in your home.

Use this grid system known as the ‘ba-gua’ to show which areas of your home relate to the corresponding spiritual aspects of your lifeIt is easy to use!

Simply place the center of the grid in the center of a plan of your home. Align the bottom edge of the template with the wall in which the front door to your home or flat is situated. If you want use the feng shui bagua on your bedroom then align the bottom of the grid with the wall of your bedroom where the entrance is and then work out which areas of your room correspond with which areas of your life…

Identify which areas of your life you want to change

And then make the appropriate physical changes to your space.

Just making some minor changes to the arrangement of your living space can free the flow of energy and bring stress relief!

It isn’t necessary or possible to have a home with perfect placement. Sometimes our greatest growth comes from identifying what causes us stress and working with it. The best feng shui is that which is done intuitively, and we all have intuition…

So use the feng shui tips on this website. Trust your intuition. Use your imagination. And have fun!

To Begin

Overlay the grid over your house plan or bedroom layout. The entrance will correspond with either Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People.

Feng Shui Bagua or Template


Specific Information About Each Area

    • Career Area This area of your home or room relates to your path in life, your career, your creativity or whatever you spend most of your time doing. If your front door is situated centrally, this area of your life will correspond with your front entrance. If your career area is missing – maybe your house is shaped in such a way that the entrance is on the left-hand side and the ‘career’ section is missing – you may find it difficult to make prgress in your profession. To remedy this, put large mirrors, fresh growing plants and hanging crystals in this area.


    • Helpful People The ‘helpful people’ or ‘angels’ area of your home is a wonderful place to put a home altar. I love my altar and use it to burn incense, light candles and keep objects that are meaningful to me. If you are working on a particular project and need some help from others, try putting an extra big mirror or a crystal in the ‘helpful people’ area.
      If your ‘helpful people’ area, according to the feng shui bagua, is blocked or missing you will feel unsupported and alone.


    • Creativity And Children This area relates to children, projects or anything that you have created. If you are trying to conceive a child, it is suggested that you move your bed to the ‘children’ area of your house, or to the ‘children’ area of your bedroom. If you are working on a project, place a bunch of flowers or blossoms in this position. You can also use a painting of flowers.


    • Love And Marriage This area of the feng shui bagua concerns marriage, friendships, and the way we relate to people in general. It is a good idea to place paired o groups of objects in this area. Also use happy photos of people that you love. Don’t put your television set in this position. A house with a missing relationship corner can sometimes mean difficult relationships in the home. Remedy this by placing mirrors in this corner to draw energy into that area.


    • Fame Inspiration, self-expression and what you are known for, are represented in this area. This spot is often the focal point of a house or room and you need to be aware of what is displayed there. If you put a clock there, you may have a reputation of being early or late. If your toilet is in this area according to your feng shui bagua, then your reputation may be in danger of going down the drain.


    • Wealth This area concerns wealth, prosperity, good fortune, blessings and abundance of all kinds, not just money. This is a good place to put an aquarium, ornaments or solid objects of good quality. It is a very inauspicious place to situate your toilet… symbolically you will be flushing away your wealth.


    • Health And Family The family area concerns parents, ancestors, heritage and any influences from the past. it is a good place to put family photos, certificates and trophies to ensure that the energy surrounding family ties is flowing freely. The ‘health’ aspect of this area on your feng shui bagua concerns the vitality of the occupants. if this area of your home or bedroom has plants that are dying, or is dark and dirty or cluttered, then health problems can ensue.


    • Knowledge And Self-Cultivation This area of your living space represents introspection, meditation, inner guidance and studying. It is a good place to have your library or study. If you want to improve your intuition and guidance from your higher Self, hang a crystal in the window of this area in the house.


    • Center The center of your home represents its connection to the life-supporting energy of the earth and sky. Find the center of your home and place a crystal in the roof directly in the middle (if you can). Put a special rock or beautiful stone in the center point corresponding to your feng shui bagua to represent connection to earth. Stuck energy around the center of your home can make you feel ungrounded.




feng shui bagua feng shui bagua


Useful Tips


    • Visit our feng shui bedroom tips for simple but effective ways to change your bedroom and get things moving in your life.
    • Learn how to use color to change the feel and energy of your living space.



DIY Feng Shui E-Course


Attract new opportunities, increased abundance and success using feng shui and color to create balance and harmony in your home and life. Color can deplete, depress or enhance. This course guides you to create a plan for home décor that honors you and supports healing, recovery and well-being.

Become your own feng shui expert and enjoy living better everyday!

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