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Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.Feng Shui mirror placement is much more than just decoration!

Mirrors in Feng Shui are used to attract, move or change the flow of energy.

Very simple DIY stress relief for your living space!

Mirrors can enlarge a spacedeflect something, flatten a wall or make a wall disappear.

Mirrors are the “aspirin” of Feng Shui – by using the correct Feng Shui mirror placement, you can correct almost any problem.

Mirrors should always reflect something pleasant, such as a lovely view or landscape. The idea is to bring the vibrancy of your garden or the positive energy of a scene into your home…
Don’t place a mirror opposite a pile of clutter!

Mirrors should never distort or cut into your image as this symbolically distorts or cuts your chi. And mirrors should always have frames around them to contain the chi.

Mirrors are useful in small spaces where they give the impression of doubling the size of the space.

Don’t hang them opposite a door or a window since they merely reflect the chi back at itself and don’t allow the energy to enter and circulate around your home.

In feng shui mirror placement, don’t place mirrors opposite each other. This indicates restlessness as the energy gets stuck between the two mirrors and can’t move on… If you feel stuck, check your mirror placement in your home and change the position. You might just be very surprised to feel your stress lessen as the energy flows again.

The mirror brings the feng shui energy of the water element into your space.


Do’s and Don’ts of Feng Shui Mirror Placement


  • Have frames around mirrors
  • Replace broken ones
  • Keep them clean
  • Reflect your whole image


  • Have joins or mirror tiles
  • Hang mirrors opposite each other
  • Place mirrors opposite the bed
  • Hang mirrors opposite each other
  • Place them opposite doors
  • Place them directly opposite windows
  • Hang bagua mirrors indoors

More Tips For Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Irregular Spaces

Where part of a house is “missing”, in other words irregularly shaped, mirrors can be used to effectively recreate the missing space and make the space regular.

Long Corridors

In long corridors the energy moves too fast. You can use mirrors to slow the chi down. Position several mirrors in a staggered manner to reflect pleasant images on the opposite wall.

Stagnant Areas

Use mirrors in dark corners or at bends in passage ways to help circulate energy around these awkward spots.

Mirrors to Deflect

Convex mirrors are used in Feng Shui as a watchful eye. Use them to deflect fast moving chi or the influences of uncomfortable features outside the house, for example, corners of buildings, telegraph poles and trees which overpower the front of your home. You can also use convex mirrors to deflect unwanted images indoors, but be careful where you put them because they distort images. Put them where they won’t reflect people.

Bagua Mirrors

A bagua mirror is a special type of feng shui cure that is used to protect your house from malign energies which may attack the occupants. You can often see these kinds of mirrors hanging outside Chinese shops.

They are used on front doors to deflect the negative energy sources – harsh corners, tall objects and other features.

Traditional Mirror-Centered Wooden Concave Bagua
Feng Shui mirror rules say that you should never place a bagua mirror inside a house.

Bagua mirrors represent a yin energy cycle and, as such, should never be hung inside the house or they will affect the energies of the occupants.

Best Feng Shui areas to have a mirror

  • East (Health & Family)
  • Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
  • North (Career & Path in Life)

Feng Shui areas to avoid placing a mirror

  • South (Fame & Reputation)
  • on the wall directly facing the main door
  • on the wall(s) facing your bed.


 One of my favourite books on everyday western-style feng shui for real results is by Gill Hale.
The Essential Book of Feng Shui: A Complete Guide to Harmonious Modern Living
is easy to follow, with lovely illustrations and good ideas for modern living. Really worth adding to your library!

More Useful Feng Shui Information

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