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How To Control Anger – Anger Management Guide

Anger and Stress have deep connection biologically and psychologically. They both affect each other and often trigger each other.

Often a stressful situation at work place causes an anger out burst at home or with friends or even with strangers. Similarly your boss’s temper keeps you nervous and makes you doubt the work you have done and some time self worth. These are common scenarios which would have happened to you. Hence it in very important to learn how to control anger as it is a very important part of stress relief.

Do you need to know How do I control my anger outbursts? or how to deal with anger?

Does someone you know have anger management problems?

There are two ways to tackle the problem:

  1. Anger management
  2. Not to get Angry

Anger management

These hacks help you get out of angry mind set or avoid getting angry as far as possible. These tips have a short term effect but can be implemented almost immediately without major lifestyle change. Hence they might be your only savior once you get angry.

Check this article Anger Management Tips: 10 Ways To Control Your Temper

It is meant to give you live hacks as to how to avid or diffuse your anger.


Not to get Angry

It seems so stupid and outlandish as a solutions but it is the best possible solution to getting your emotions in control and preventing them from stressing you out. Read it before filliping out or dismissing it:

Do you know that you can control your anger by controlling your thoughts?

In fact, faulty thinking is a main cause of anger.

What is Anger

Anger is a very normal response to perceived pain hurt and injustice. The word ‘perceived’ is important because anger is a direct result of the way you view the world. Two people may go through exact same experience but might feel completely different about it hence something called as ‘perceived or experiential truth’ is what is being seen here. 

Anger is not caused by other people…

It is, like any other emotion, an automatic response to how you view a situation or an event that you classify as distressing.

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like:

  • ‘He made me so angry.’
  • ‘Every time she says that it sends me crazy.’
  • ‘I was having a good day until that stupid driver cut in front of me and made me furious. He ruined my day.’

All of the above are misconceptions!


Cause of Anger

Nobody ‘makes’ you angry.
You ‘make yourself’ angry.

There are two schools of thought on anger

  1. One believes that there is a difference between healthy (appropriate) anger and unhealthy (inappropriate) anger. This school says that it is sometimes appropriate to let out your anger and that suppressing it is unhealthy.

  2. The second school of thought, supported by recent research, believes that all anger is harmful and unhealthy and it makes no differences whether you suppress it or not or whether you know how to control anger or how to manage anger. According to this way of thinking, expressing anger can cause negative physiological effects. Links have been found between arthritis and anger. It has also been shown that if you are a hostile, competitive ‘type A’ personality, you are more likely to suffer heart problems than others. Conversely, people who suppress anger when they have been hurt can set up depressive thinking patterns.

    What other options are there?

  3. third way of thinking about anger is not to feel it in the first place. This way how to control anger involves learning a new way of thinking about the situation that makes you feel angry…

    In other words, a healthy way how to deal with anger is to change your thinking, change your perception and take the sting out of the anger trigger. This might need some introspection and lifestyle change but identifying these triggers and what made those things triggers is where work needs to be done. 

    What are benefits of learning how to think differently about what usually makes you angry? …

    * You take control of how things make you feel.

    * You choose what alternative to anger to use.

    * You avoid the negative effects of anger.

How To Control Anger By Changing Your Thoughts

Click on to our next page and learn how to deal with anger by changing your thoughts. Find out what faulty thinking is behind your anger..

And learn how to make your everyday living better.


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