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Benefits of Exercise

Easy DIY Stress Relief

Wednesday 16 May, 2018.

Do you know the benefits of exercise? Looking for a way of exercising that suits you? Do you know how fitness helps stress relief?

In fact, Margo’s sister, Gillian, has VERY strong feelings about the benefits of exercise. She thinks this should be the most important page in the whole DIY Stress Relief site! (That is her next to me on the bench. We are in Chianti, Italy – laughing!)

The WEB is packed with really excellent “how-to-exercise” sites…

I want to convince you to start! 

And then do your own research on “how-to”; join a gym, buy a good pair of walking shoes, get a yoga mat, find a running partner… The options are as varied as the people. One important point – YOU MUST ENJOY IT!

How Does Exercise Control Stress

I am going to suggest 4 ways…

  • Exercise can help you feel less anxious.
    Medical doctors are prescribing exercise to help treat nervous tension. Following a session of exercise, clinicians have measured a decrease in electrical activity of tensed muscles. People are less jittery and nervous after an exercise session.

  • Exercise can relax you.
    One session of exercise generates 90 to 120 minutes of relaxation response. This is called post-exercise euphoria or endorphin response. Endorphins (and other chemicals) are released into your system. So what? They improve your mood and leave you relaxed.

  • Exercise can make you eat better.
    People who exercise regularly tend to eat more nutritious food. And it’s no secret that good eating helps your body manage stress better. Have a look at what to eat to beat stress.

  • Exercise can make you feel better about yourself.
    Haven’t you felt better about yourself when you are physically active and fit? That positive feeling of self-worth contributes to stress relief.

benefits of exercise

Time To Start

Now that you are convinced that the benefits of exercise really do help with controlling stress, make some time for regular physical activity.

To make it simple, choose one of the categories of exercise that appeals to you…watching TV is NOT on the list!!

  • Yoga. Yoga or yoga-type activities, relax your mind as your body increases its level of muscular work. Recent studies have shown that when large muscle groups repeatedly contract and relax, the brain receives a signal to release specific neurotransmitters, which in turn make you feel relaxed and more alert. Have a look at my 5 minute stretching exercise based on a yoga sun-salute… Great, quick exercise!!

  • Recreational sports. Play tennis, basketball, soccer or squash. These sorts of games really make you run around vigorously. This activity rids your body of stress-causing adrenaline and other hormones.

  • Aerobic activity. All you need is 20 minutes’ worth, six to seven days a week. You can easily find twenty minutes out of your day, and it will improve your ability to control stress. Cycle, walk, swim, jog…

I love walking!

I treat it as a meditation as well, and this really adds to the feeling of being calm and in control. As for walking – I can vouch for these stress-relieving benefits of exercise.


For a really effective stress-busting experience – don’t try exercising in your office. Outdoors or away from the office is better. Even an office fitness centre can have too many work-related thoughts for some people.

If you are anything like me you might want to stay away from overcrowded classes. If you work surrounded by people, a big exercise class may be counterproductive. Exercising alone may be more relaxing for you. If, however, you work alone, you may enjoy the social benefit of exercise in a group. It must work for you!

Make a point of regular exercise. Ideally, do yourself a favour and take a break every 90 minutes. It seems that ninety-minute intervals are a natural work-break period. And four 10-minute exercise breaks every hour and a half will burn about as many calories as a solid 40-minute session. Work-break exercises can be as simple as climbing stairs, walking, stretching or doing calisthenics.

yoga as exercise

So what are you waiting for?…

Okay, okay… I know all the excuses! Use them myself everyday! Ouch!

My advice?… Start small and build your “exercise for stress-relief” routine into something you look forward to. You just might become addicted to the benefits of exercise!

And remember to BREATHE!!

More Useful Information

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Start your exercising programme and start living everyday better!

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