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Best Health Herbs

Thursday 28 September, 2017.

Our Best Health Herbs have to include parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

I also have to include garlic!

Add our Best Health Herbs to your “stress herb” list when planning a herb garden or when deciding which herbal oil, herbal tincture or herbal tea to prepare.

Herbs truly are Nature’s pharmacy and we urge you to include the use of herbal remedies in your DIY Stress Relief program! We promise that you will be more than rewarded…

Best Health Herbs


Garlic has been used in many traditions of herbal medicine and has a reputation for warding of infections and evil influence. It is certainly one of my best health herbs.

In China there is a tradition of hanging garlic from the roofs of houses to ward off evil.

Nevertheless, the medicinal properties of this health herb are many and very effective… It helps to build a good immune system – fighting off bacterial and viral infections and also getting rid of parasites. It helps clear chest infections and colds… A “must” in your herb garden!


With all the benefits that it offers, it is hardly surprising that parsley maintains its reputation for being the most popular herb in the world…And a definite favorite of ours!

Its high vitamin content – half a cup of leaves holds more beta carotene than two carrots, more vitamin C than two oranges and 20 times more iron than a serving of liver PLUS ten times more calcium than a cup of milk – has health experts singing its praises.

Its uses extend way beyond the usual food-flavouring – A strong parsley tea of ½ a cup leaves to one cup boiling water – drink as a diuretic and as a treatment for rheumatism and arthritis. It is also excellent as a tonic that doubles up as a breath freshener. Certainly one of the best health herbs!

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm’s cooling and soothing properties benefit the heart, ease restlessness, insomnia and nervous agitation…Could be on our list of stress relieving herbs!

It is a common herb that grows very easily and has a wonderful lemony scent when the leaves are bruised. Lemon balm has a long tradition of counteracting melancholy…it is said to help clear “stuck” emotions that often accompany depression.

As a tonifying herb, it strengthens the nervous system and our general well-being. As a restorer of balance and harmony, it is a good remedy if we are feeling pressured, rushed or overworked.


We all know how good basil makes tomato dishes taste – but do you know that basil is a sacred plant of India and has been used for healing for thousands of years. Basil is said to open the heart and mind, bestowing love and devotion. In fact, in the Celtic tradition, basil was used to mend lovers’ quarrels and also used in love spells.

Basil is used as a cleansing agent for infections – it clears phlegm from the nose and chest.

Basil works well for relieving travel sickness. This is one of the best health herbs for strengthening the nerves and releasing tension. Try it as a hot tea with honey for clarity of mind.

Sweet Marjoram

The Greek goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite is credited with being the creator of marjoram. Marjoram is known as the herb of love and is said to calm obsessive thinking and ease emotional craving. It’s nourishing qualities offer strength and support when we are under stress.

Marjoram is also good for warding of infections, clearing phlegm and soothing coughs and fevers…deserves to be on the best health herbs list!It is often used in cooking – helps the digestive processes.

A massage oil made with marjoram eases stiff joints and sore muscles.


Are you surprised to find Violet on the best health herbs list? Well, violets have so many wonderful uses as a medicinal herb and a garden plant – plant them amongst vegetables to keep bugs away!

The violet was revered by the ancient Greeks and became the symbol of ancient Athens and Napoleon planted violets on Josephine’s grave.

Try chewing fresh violets when you have a headache and get relief.

Violet is also used to treat blocked sinuses, coughs, colds, bronchitis and flu. And there is more…Violet jam is delicious!


There was a time when sage was used to cure everything from depression to bee stings! And before the time of refrigeration, people used sage to keep things fresh. It was also so prized by the Chinese a couple of centuries ago that they were prepared to trade three crates of tea leaves for one crate of sage leaves from the Dutch. A prized, best health herb indeed!

Sage boasts the ability to improve liver function, lift depression, relieve anxiety and boost energy levels. For centuries it was also used to boost the memory, something which modern research is showing to be true. The ancient Greeks and Roman always hung a sprig of sage above the door to ensure that the spirits of those who lived within would have a life that was happy, strong, energetic and long…

So get that sprig of sage above your door today!


Rosemary is a tonic! Used after illness, it restores health and energy. Rosemary acts as a stimulant to the nervous system by directing blood floow to the brain, improving memory and concentration.A tonic made with rosemary calms the digestive system, especially if the indigestion is due to tension and emotional upsets.

In the Middle Ages it was grown in the kitchen garden and came to represent the dominant role of a woman in the home…”Where Rosemary flourished, the woman rules,” goes an old saying.

Have a look at Rosemary herbs for rosemary tonic, bath oil and other ideas on how to enjoy the health benefits of rosemary.


Thyme gets it name from the Greek word meaning “courage”. Roman soldiers used to bathe in thyme water to restore their strength. It is also said that a thyme bath will help wash away the sorrows of the past.

Thyme is a powerful antiseptic and preservative…To purify a room, put a few drops of thyme oil in a small bowl of steaming water. Or make a pot of thyme tea and rinse surfaces. The scent of thyme will stay in the room and inspire you to find courage to face any struggles.

This health herb helps with depressed states, pessimism, and self-doubt as it warms the soul.

Thyme acts as a medicine herb for coughs, colds, and sore throats. It also stimulates digestion and eases bloating. And, don’t forget this, it is a useful cure for hangovers!

Wild Dagga

Being South Africans, we HAVE to have one of our favorite indigenous herbs on our best health herbs list!

This beautiful bush grows wild and brings back childhood memories of big bushes in the gardens in Johannesburg.

The birds love to drink deeply of its nectar and hence the Zulu name of “bird’s beer”. Unlike marijuana-dagga, wild dagga has only a mildly intoxicating effect which is so mild that it can hardly be called a drug.
Mostly wild dagga was smoked, in the rural areas, for the relief of epilepsy while decoctions (boiled in water) of the leaves and roots were used – and continue to be used – as a remedy for snakebites and other bites and stings…

The plant seems to have a calming effect on the central nervous system, which makes it an appropriate treatment for these ailments.

It has been documented that decoctions can be applied externally to treat boils, eczema, skin diseases, itching and muscular cramps. Internally, wild dagga decoction is used for coughs, colds, flu, bronchitis, high blood pressure and headaches. Leaf infusions have been used for asthma and viral hepatitis.Wild dagga is a good general medicine or tonic.

So, if your area is suitable, find a nursery that stocks wild dagga and get planting!

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More Fun Information About Best Health Herbs

Another interesting use of herbs, besides stress relief and herbal healing remedies, is the use of herbs for protection

In addition to taking herbs, our ancestors used other methods of protecting themselves against the ravages of the day. During the Middle Ages, for example, thyme and rosemary were burned because their smoke was believed to repel the plague.

The druids scattered herbs such as meadowsweet and chamomile around the room so that their gentle aroma would promote a peaceful atmosphere.

The practice of burning herbs or incense to cleanse and purify the air is an essential part of many rituals and traditions…

Native Americans purify themselves and cleanse the air by “Smudging”. They burn certain herbs, such as sage, cedar and sweetgrass to clear negativity and create a lighter space.

The herbs on our Best Health Herbs list are so much more than just plants in the garden!…

Mountain Rose Herbs

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