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Best Places for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Sunday 15 September, 2019.

Best places for stress relief will be different for different people – and that is what makes life interesting!

Maybe you relax by hitting the city lights and enjoying the energy of humanity around you.

Many of you will relax by looking for quietness in nature. Whilst others will hit the road and run out their tension (not me!)…

I have a few favourite places for gathering my thoughts and reconnecting to myself. .. My garden is one of my best places….Click here to see my garden.

Do you have a favourite spot?

Best way of releasing stress?

Tell us! Scroll to the bottom of the page and join in!

Another of my best places for “getting away from it all” is Venterstad.
Never heard of it? Don’t blame you! I hadn’t either until I did some research to find a house in the Karoo.

You all know the saying ‘a change is as good as a holiday’, well, it is true! Stress relief is essential BUT vacations are not always possible. The best places for relaxing and unwinding need not be away from home. ..Maybe you just need a change of habit (try meditating)…

Or a new focus or hobby (what about an interesting read?).

Taking breaks from your day-to-day commitments and routine is important if you are to avoid the negative effect of stress on your physical, mental and emotional health. But you know that!… You just have to figure out how to find the time, energy and enthusiasm to do it. Start by asking yourself what you were doing when you last felt relaxed and peaceful…

Remember what makes you feel excited about life…

We all have best places, favourite friends and activities, hobbies or sports that put a smile on our faces. The answer is to make more time to spend on them.

Plan a visit to a favourite destination – it could be a walk in a nearby nature spot or somewhere further from home. Check the www for frugal holiday ideas – there are some really good sites! Perhaps there are places to visit that have been on your ‘to do’ list for ages and you haven’t got around to planning it… Go on and DO IT!

Gather good memories for yourself and your family AND relax and de-stress!

Make a list of your Top 10 best ways to cope with stress and make sure you treat yourself often….

Some of my favourite places I might never get to visit again, but the memories give me great stress relief… Holidays with family! Favourite beaches! Stunning wild game viewing!

And some of my best places, hopefully, I will visit again and again!

Oviston Nature Reserve

What are your best places for relaxing and getting rid of tension and stress?

How do you unwind?

Where is your favourite de-stress place?

This is your place to tell your story!

We are all feeling the pinch of the financial crisis and need some fun relief and relaxation – maybe you have the answer? Do you have a good suggestion for a frugal, fun, family relaxation?

A ‘staycation’ – a vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer? Tell us about it!

Maybe your story will motivate someone else to get going and plan a relaxing, stress relieving break! Scroll down the page to read our visitors’ stories…

So what is your tried-and-tested stress relief recipe? Your personal perfect ‘grounding’ activity? Favourite places for relaxation and fun?

Share your story…

And add a photo – Send us a picture of your special spot and tell us the story that goes with it, we would love to see your best place…

Your Best Place for Relaxation and Stress Relief ?

Write about it here

How do you unwind? Where is your favourite de-stress place? Do you have a gem to share? This is your place to tell your story!

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Your Best Stress Relief Places

Want to know how others relax and unwind?

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