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Guide To Chakra Balancing Crystal Colours And Names

Do you know which chakra balancing crystal colours to choose when doing a chakra cleanse, balance or healing?

The simplest methods of crystal healing and chakra balancing combine the colour of stones with the appropriate chakra. The colour of the crystal will always indicate its main energy function, so it is useful to learn the basic properties of the crystal colours and their names…

And it is fun!

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Chakra Balancing Crystal Colours And Names

RED (Base Chakra)


This colour stimulates, activates and energizes, but also grounds and focuses. Associated crystals are garnet, jasper and ruby.


ORANGE (Sacral Chakra)



A mix of red and yellow – orange combines their activating and organising roles in boosting energy flows or treating blockages. Related crystals include dark citrine, orange calcite, carnelian, topaz and copper.

YELLOW (Solar Plexus)


The vibrant colour yellow is concerned with strengthening and preserving the body’s systems (e.g. nervous, digestive and immune). The crystals to choose from include amber, ritulated quartz, tiger’s eye, citrine quartz and iron pyrites.

GREEN (Throat Chakra)


As the mid-spectrum colour, green acts to balance our emotions and relationships, encouraging growth in all areas of life. Heart stones include bloodstone, green aventurine, malachite, amazonite, moss agate, peridot and emerald.

BLUE (Throat Chakra)


The chakra balancing crystal colours of blue relate principally to communication, both within ourselves and from us to the outside world. Related stones are celestite, blue lace agate, turquoise and aquamarine.


INDIGO (Brow Chakra)


Lapis Lazuli

Dark blue, or indigo, governs perception, understanding and intuition. Chakra balancing crystals of this colour are lapis lazuli, sodalite, kyanite, azurite and sapphire.


VIOLET (Crown Chakra)



The traditional colour of spiritual illumination and service, violet also represents the mind’s control of the body and the self. Chakra balancing crystal colours of violet include amethyst, fluorite, sugilite and iolite.





With qualities of universality and clarity, white is also connected to the crown chakra. White light contains and reflects all the other colours, symbolizing the potential to cleanse or purify energy. A perfect chakra balancing crystal for a chakra cleanse. Popular white crystals include clear quartz, herkimer diamond, Iceland spa, moonstone and selenite.




Black Tourmaline

The colour black absorbs light as much as white reflects it. Black reveals the hidden potential of a condition or person. Black is the one of the chakra balancing crystal colours that holds its energies in reserve, grounds and anchors energy. Related crystals are smoky quartz, obsidian, tourmaline and haematite.


Rose Quartz

A blend of both red and white, pink is associated with the base and heart chakras, and works to restore underlying balance. Choose from pink stones like rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodocrosite.



These are various, and their actions reflect their colour combinations. Rainbow inclusions can be found in many transparent crystals including quartz. Other stones are azurite-malachite, hawk’s eye, opal, labradorite and ametrine.

For a good read, I recommend Crystal Bible 2 ;
and The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach.

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