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Chakra Vocal Toning

Chakra vocal toning is a great way to enhance your vocal toning practice!

vocal toning

You really do not have to know too much about chakra vocal toning or be particularly musical to benefit from this powerful technique…


chakra vocal toning

I enjoy doing it because of the feeling of balance and harmony that it restores. It is also excellent for managing stress and keeping anxiety and tension away.

How can you use it to enhance vocal toning ?… You can decide which energy center needs attention and sometimes just focus on that one. I love to use color in my meditation practices, and chakra vocal toning with color visualization is a perfect combination.


What Is It All About?

‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. You have seven chakras or energy centers which are located at points along the spinal column and each governs certain aspects of your emotional, mental and physical body…


Toning the chakras “tunes up” your body, mind, emotions and spirit by using the power of your own voice.


I am going to list the seven chakras and their related position on your body, together with their corresponding tone and vowel sound and color…

Please Note

Don’t get more involved than you want to!
Just focusing on each area, toning the vowel sound and enjoying it, will be enough. Toning is more “free form” than singing…
You don’t have to be on key…
Try and have fun with it…

Alan’s favorite place is in the bath or the comfy chair in his lounge…

Margo likes to sit on the bench in her garden and ‘sing’ with the pigeons…

We all have our own ‘tune’ and our own frequency. Find yours and relax into it!


The Seven Chakras


chakra vocal toning


    • FIRST CHAKRA (Root) – base of the spine. Tone seven times with the deepest “UUH”, as in “cup”, a very low guttural sound just gently riding on the breath. Stay comfortable with the sound – don’t force it. Note – C, C#. Color – Red.Emotional issues revolve around the essentials you need for survival and our sense of security in the world.


    • SECOND CHAKRA (Sacral) – 2-3 inches below the navel. Tone seven times using a higher pitched but still deep “OOO”, as in “you”. Note – D, D#. Color – Orange.Emotional issues for this chakra include our sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. Having problems with a basic attitude of well-being or having enough? Concentrate on chakra vocal toning in your lower abdomen area.


    • THIRD CHAKRA (Solar Plexus) – above the navel. Tone seven times using a higher pitched “OH”, as in “go”. Note – E. Color – Yellow.Emotional issues focus on self-worth. Problems with decision making? Tone into your third chakra.


    • FOURTH CHAKRA (Heart) – center of the chest. Tone seven times using a higher pitched “AH”, as in “ma”. This is the sound that embodies compassion. Note – F, F#. Color – Green.A healthy heart chakra allows us to form loving bonds with people and the world around us. Problems with forgiving yourself or others? Visualize and tone into your fourth chakra.


    • FIFTH CHAKRA (Throat) – in the throat. Tone seven times using a higher pitched “EYE”, as in “my”. Note – G, G#. Color – Blue. Finding it difficult to express your feelings, make yourself heard? Focus on your throat chakra.


    • SIXTH CHAKRA (Third Eye) – middle of the forehead slightly above the eyes. Tone seven times, using a still higher “AYE”, as in “say”. Note – A, A#. Color – Indigo.Do you feel the need to be more intuitive and wise about your life experiences? Tone into your sixth chakra.


  • SEVENTH CHAKRA (Crown) – top of the head. Tone seven times using the highest pitched “EEE” sound, as in “me”, you can comfortably make. Note – B. Color – Violet or white.Want to link to your spiritual nature? Tone into your crown chakra.


The lower chakras have deep sounds and the higher chakras have sounds higher in pitch.



Toning requires no musical experience or equipment and can be done by anyone. And it is much easier to do than to explain…
So have a go at chakra vocal toning and see for yourself!

How To Do Chakra Vocal Toning


    1. Start by sitting comfortably in a chair or on a cushion on the floor. Keep your spine as straight as possible, which allows the energy to flow in your body more freely – it may help to imagine your head is suspended from above by a fine cord.


    1. When you tone, there is usually an “intention”. An intention is your expectation of what you will get out of the session. It may be relaxation, a feeling of peace or stillness; or it could be to have more energy, to heal a wounded part of our body or psyche. Focus your energy and intent for balancing and energizing each chakra before toning.


    1. Make the sounds in a gentle voice – don’t strain. The pitch will change according to the person, mood, diet, activities, emotional states, etc on a daily basis. There is no set frequency. Vowel sounds are always used in vocal toning.


  1. Breathe in deeply, expanding your lower stomach as you inhale. Imagine the energy of each breath coming into your body through the chakra with which you are working. As you exhale, vibrate or tone the vowel audibly without straining. Remember, you may also wish to add color visualization on each chakra. Click Here for more on color meditation.

At the beginning of the day, clearing all your chakras is a great way to align your energy field and prepare you to meet the stresses and demands of daily life in a healthy balanced way…

Enjoy chakra vocal toning in the evening as a way to recap or unwind before retiring for the night…

For a quick pick-me-up during the day, tone into the chakra that feels out of balance.

If you want a really good audio aid for chakra vocal toning, I do recommend Chakra Chants by Jonathan Goldman.

Chakra Chants contains seven tracks, each corresponding to one of the chakra points on the human body. Starting with the base chakra and ending with the crown chakra. Each track is made up of the appropriate vowel sound, a bija mantra, an elemental and/or shabd sound and a particular keynote. It is a deeply moving piece of music suitable as a meditation tool, for cleansing and balancing your energy body or just for sheer listening pleasure.

Also included is a high quality booklet which discusses the subtle body, the chakras and the principles of sonic healing. Also a thorough and easy-to-practice guided visualization and an explanation of overtones are also provided in the booklet.


More Useful Information

‘Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils’ is a book that I refer to often. Have a look at page 52 for a very interesting explanation of how to combine essential oils with chakra vocal toning. The effect is a powerful releasing of stuck emotions!



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