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“Get In Tune” – Toning Away Stress

Sunday 04 September, 2016.


So Easy and So Effective!
Toning gets you back ‘in tune’ and relieves stress. 
For me, toning has so many benefits and is so fundamental to our nature as vibratory beings.

I recommend that my clients include this as a very important part of any self-healing or just general wellbeing program.

More about sound…

The history of sound healing dates back eons.

For centuries the use of vibrational healing in the form of sound, music and light has been central to many spiritual practices and sacred traditions. The mystical schools of Egypt, Greece and India used sound as a central focus for their rituals.

And the voice has been used as an instrument of healing since earliest times. In fact, sonic vibration is sometimes considered to be the fundamental creative force in the universe.

So I reckon that if the beauties of the universe that I enjoy were organized by the use of sound then I can use it to rearrange my vibrations that feel out of sync.

Every object is in a state of vibration and creates sound and each individual and object has its own state of resonance.

In fact, the various body organs, muscles and bones also each have their own tone or resonance.

When vibration in the body is in balance the body is healthy.

When there is imbalance or disease we feel “out of tune” and sense the disharmony of our parts.

It is possible to use sound to project the correct resonant frequency of that part of the body which is vibrating out of harmony and to get it back “in tune”.

This is not just a nice-sounding theory. It has been scientifically studied and documented…

Swiss researcher Hans Jenny and German scientist Ernst Chladni each found that sound organizes matter in near-perfect symmetrical patterns.

Using pitches and rhythms, they observed how molecules of powder, liquids and solids are organized out of chaos and into patterns.

Place a pile of metal filings on a drum head and play a pure tone nearby. You will see the filings vibrate and organize into organic shapes and designs. The patterns will vary depending on the pitch of the note.

Using your own voice is a very powerful tool for self-healing, relaxation, opening your creativity and just generally helping to balance you.

There is definite healing power in the sound of the human voice.

If you think of it, the human being is a wind instrument; we are a tube with holes in us through which we blow air. Usually we do not give enough focus to that instrument which gets our vibrations in sync – our voice!

Vocal toning is using your own voice to express specific sounds that help you to release, balance, accept or create, depending on the sounds and your intent.

This also increases the body’s ability to breathe more deeply.. …More oxygen and more energy!

Stress interferes with our body’s natural flow of energy and toning reduces the build-up of stress; the brain is calmed, so obsessive thinking and mind-chatter is reduced. And a meditational state is easily achieved and can be retained throughout the day.

And as our specific focus is on relieving and releasing stress, be aware that when you tone you are not doing it just for yourself: these frequencies are going out and raising the frequencies of your family, loved ones, co-workers, anyone that shares your life – actually, the whole planet.

And that sounds a great stress beater to me – to live in an environment where all the frequencies are resonating in tune?



Now it is your turn!…

Who can Tone?…


If you can Moan, you can Tone.

Sighing, moaning and humming all count as sound therapy. So clear your throat! Take a deep breath! Relax! And start…..

How To…

Toning is a simple technique of creating vocal sound on a single vowel.

– No melody – No rhythm – No words –

…just pure sound vibration which does not need any particular kind of training or vocal ability. And it has powerful effects on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Relieves tension

Releases negative emotions

Reduces stress

Improves stamina and concentration

Improves self-esteem and confidence

Synchronizes the brainwaves

You literally massage your body from the inside out.

The power lies in the vowels (A E I O U) and is much more important than the pitch (high or low).

Each vowel is related to a particular part of the body –

E = throat, upper chest and head region

A = chest area, heart and the body as a whole

O = lower trunk, abdomen from solar plexus to groin

U = pelvis, hips, legs, feet, lower body in general

Breath, and imagination or thought, is important as well.

By breath I mean a quick intake or grasp of energy that carries an image or thought to the subconscious…

Try this for starters

– Take the primary vowel sound of your name, I use the A sound for Alan.

– Get yourself into a comfortable position, either standing or sitting, but keep your back straight and relaxed.

– Take a few deep breathes and relax yourself, particularly your jaw and tongue.

– Close your eyes and tone the sound slowly, and allow it to find its own volume and length.

– At first, do not try to hold it at a particular pitch. Do this for 5-10 minutes and you will find your sound finding its own natural pitch.

When you are comfortable with this tone, you can experiment going to a higher or lower pitch.


Do not do this for longer than 20 minutes at a time as toning is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system.

After a week or so you can start working with the various parts of the body.

Use visualization or imagination – and it goes like this…

– As you inhale, visualize or imagine the part of the body associated with the vowel e.g. “A” and the heart. And sound it silently.

– As you exhale, vibrate or tone the vowel audibly without straining.


If you feel any discomfort or tension in your mouth or throat, Stop, Yawn, Stretch and have a sip of water.

Remember! To master any art or to develop any skill takes time and practice.

It is better to tone for a few minutes daily than every now and then for a longer session. With daily practice your body and mind will soon learn to respond to the pitch and the vibrations.


Most importantly…

There is no “Right Way” or “Wrong Way”!
Only “Your Way”!


Always remember to Have Fun whilst toning!

It is always helpful to read other peoples’ experiences…
Click here to read personal experiences with toning…

I would love to hear YOUR experiences with TONING! I am waiting to answer any questions, have a discussion or just share thoughts…


And now try chakra vocal toning! Use the vowel sounds to balance and energize your chakras or energy centers. Click here to find out how to do it!




I can really recommend ‘The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing’ if you want to own a good book about sound and healing. This book provides a basic understanding of the principles of using sound as a healing modality, and how it may be used to restore balance. A CD of recorded examples by Jonathan is included within the book, which offers a solid foundation for discovering how sound and music can be utilized to benefit and enrich your life.


The Voice Of Life
“Working with sound and specifically voice facilitates CHANGE making it easier to resonate with the life you DESIRE.”
I recommend this great site for more information on vocal toning.

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