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Chakras And Yoga

How do chakras and yoga help with stress relief?

Are your energy centers or chakras blocked?

Yoga is a great chakra balancing tool to keep you vital, healthy and balanced.

Your spine houses a subtle “motorway” that carries the life force in your energy body.

This life force enters and leaves your body through “round-abouts” or chakras and is a blend of all of your energies: physical, vital, nervous, mental and attitudinal.

If your spine’s energy “motorway” is obstructed then the “side roads” become blocked and the parts of your body that they feed are deprived of essential nourishment, communications, and the ability to remove toxic waste. This results in distress or “illness”.

You can keep the traffic flowing smoothly through the spine by using posture, movements with breath awareness, visualization, relaxation and meditation.

Savasana is a classic example of spinal alignment.

How Do The Chakras And Yoga Go Together?

The whole point is to keep your spine aligned and strong…


Energy enters and leaves your spine through the chakras. These are also associated with the three important cavities in your body

  • The Abdominal CavityThis cavity protects your vital organs and houses three major chakrasdealing with the energies of Life: survival, social interaction and self-confidence. Your legs and feet are extensions of your survival chakra.The benefit for these chakras and yoga? – Great emphasis is placed in yoga on strengthening the lower body so that you can cope with the challenges of living.
  • The Skull CavityThis cavity lies at the top of the spine and protects the brain. It houses two major chakras concerned with the energies of awareness and wisdom or Light. Breathing and balancing yoga exercises switch on the Light in your head, giving you greater understanding in both yoga and your daily life.
  • The Thoracic Cavity

This cavity lies between the skull and the abdominal cavity. It protects your heart and lungs and houses the two chakras concerned with relationship or Love energies. Your arms and hands are extensions of the heart chakra (for reaching out to others) and your ears and mouth are extensions of your throat chakra (for communicating).

The practice of yoga gradually increases your capacity for unconditional love and cancels out negative thoughts and feelings.

Backbends and chest expanding exercises help to open and lift the upper body, allowing Love energy to flow more freely. It also improves your breathing and circulation.

Using the idea of chakras and yoga as a stress relief tool can only have positive benefits.

Get started with some simple exercises and yoga poses. Look at the links at the bottom our page for more ideas.

And remember to enjoy yourself and make it fun!

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