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The Seven Chakras

What are the seven chakras?

According to Sanskrit literature, the seven chakras are energy centers or vortexes which run down the length of your spine.

seven chakras


When you are healthy, balanced and acting in accordance with your will and purpose, they spin smoothly and evenly…

But, if you are in the presence of negative energy, upsetting company or any kind of pollution, your chakras can get stuck…

What happens then?…

The energy highway through your body gets blocked and you feel out of sorts, incapable of coping and generally unwell…

What can you do about stuck chakras?…

The wonderful thing about knowing about chakras is that it gives you the tools to manage your own stress and keep yourself balanced and healthy. Chakra balancing can be done using a chakra colour chart, reiki treatment (self- or with a therapist), chakra crystal balancing, chakra vocal toning and visualization.


Chakra healing and balancing can be fun! – And Simple!

We have chosen our favourite cool products that we enjoy using for keeping our seven chakras spinning smoothly and in balance.

    • Chakra essential oils not only keep your chakras clear, they also add a wonderful aromatherapy to you home.
    • Chakra meditation music is a simple and pleasing chakra balancing tool.
    • Chakra tuning forks are used often by therapists as an effective way to change your vibrations and reset your energy levels. You can use them at home.


    • Chakra Art is a wonderful way to bring the balance and healing influence of the chakra colours into your space.
  • Chakra books should be at the top of my list. There is so much interesting and useful information about the seven chakras. See what appeals to you and enjoy the read.

We hope you have fun and inspiration when choosing YOUR favourite chakra balancing products.


More About The Seven Chakras


The crown chakra is located at the very top of the head and is the top of the seven chakras. This is associated with spiritual or divine consciousness. There are believed to be no blockages that occur in this chakra; instead, it is developed to various degrees. The more developed this chakra, the more open you are to being in tune with a divine or creative force. If this is poorly developed, you can feel disconnected from the creative force, depressed or uninspired.


It is the brow or the third eye chakra. It is located in the centre of the forehead and is associated wisdom and intuition. When this is balanced people experience active mental abilities and intellectual skills. Ironically, if this chakra is well developed these rational mind skills can be transcended, and intuition and imagination become stronger and develop into clairvoyance. This chakra, out of balance, can result in trouble concentrating – or perhaps a tendency to overanalyse things all the time. It can also lead to arrogance (thinking you know more than others, or that only things that can be “proven” with a certain set of rules can be true) as well as vision problems.


You will find this chakra located in the throat area. It is associated with communication. This includes all forms of communication: verbal, written, artistic, etc. Balance and strength in this chakra can result in the ability to honestly communicate about your feelings, to accept everything about yourself – the good and the bad – and be able to share this understanding with others. The Throat centre also relates to the throat itself, to the lungs, the respiratory and bronchial systems. Blocks can be created here and cause neck and shoulder problems. May people suffer tension in this area. The Throat represents our ability to “Speak up” for ourselves , to “Ask what we want” to say, “I am” when we have throat problems it usually means we do not feel we have the right to these things. We feel inadequate to stand up for ourselves. The throat is the most blocked of all centres.


It is located in the centre of your chest. It is associated, not surprisingly, with love. Because it is at the centre of the seven major chakras, it connects the lower chakras with the upper chakras. A completely open and balanced heart chakra can lead to unconditional love – of yourself and others – that can be inspiring to the world around you. The compassion, love and warmth radiated can bring joy and open others up. This can be a divine or spiritual form of love in its highest form. Imbalance in this chakra can be manifest in someone who gives away love, but has trouble receiving it, or who gives, but expects something in return. This can result in anger, lack of love, coldness, depression or physical, heart troubles.


It is located between the navel and the chest. This chakra is connected to the sun, it’s the way the ethereal body gets its energy from the sun. It is associated with your power centre. It’s the place from which you radiate emotional energy to the rest of the world. So when this chakra is powerful and balanced, you approach the world and others from a strong place. You have self-acceptance, harmony with your surroundings, and the strength to resist negative energy and attract the energy and people that will help fulfil your desires. If it is out of balance, you can experience lack of will, fear of new challenges, trouble coping, anger, hate, blocked desires, and physically, may suffer from eating disorders or problems with digestion.


This chakra is located in the lower abdomen. It is associated with emotions, sexuality, creativity, and giving and receiving in cooperation with others. When this chakra is balanced you are aligned with others, open with your emotions, and in tune with creative energy and actions. When it is out of balance, the results can be jealousy, sexual problems, or physically, low back pain.


It is located at the base of the spine and is the lowest of the seven chakras. It is associated with the earth element. This chakra is related to the physical world – meaning both the material world and the physical well-being of our bodies. When this chakra is in balance you feel stable, rooted in your sense of self and in your life, and connected with nature or your surroundings. If this chakra is out of balance you can become pre-occupied with material possessions, and with your own desires, and the result can be anger and violence; physically you can experience constipation.

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