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Chakra Colour Chart

How to use a chakra colour chart for chakra balancing, a chakra cleanse, general well-being and stress relief.

Do you know what colour to use to balance each chakra?

About Chakras And Colour

Ancient texts describe seven energy centers, or chakras, arranged along the spinal column. Each one focuses energy, and each is associated with a colour.

The chakras are always changing and balancing to preserve your well-being.

Sometimes one chakra can become more dominant than the others, or stops spinning and becomes stuck…

This leads to an energy imbalance and you can really feel it.

There are various chakra balancing techniques you can use to get yourself “spinning in harmony” again – and colour therapy is a technique that works directly with the chakras…

Our chakra colour chart will help you do this.

Working With The Chakra Colour Chart

Because each chakra is associated or linked to a particular colour, illness or imbalance can be treated by absorbing the appropriate colour physically, through the eyes and skin

Shining coloured light on the chakra, over the whole body or through the eyes all create physical, emotional and mental changes which re-balance the chakras. I like to use the colour from chakra balancing crystals to energize and rebalance my chakras.

If coloured light is not available, you can do a chakra cleanse and chakra balancing mentally, via meditation and visualization techniques.

An easy way to get in touch with strengthening and balancing your chakras on a day to day basis is to wear clothing and accessories that will help…

How would you do this?…

Once you identify which chakra needs support you simply surround yourself with the related colour as much as possible… Use the chakra colour chart below to help you with this.

Identification can be as simple as knowing that you have a health problem in a particular area, or recognising where the feelings are located in your body with regard to an intense emotional issue…

If you feel upset by an encounter with someone, for example, you may be aware of the associated feelings in the solar plexus area, just underneath the chest. If you look at the chakra colour chart under solar plexus you can check the physical location of the feeling (i.e. “below chest”) and note the related colour (Yellow) and crystal (Citrine) to wear…

Maybe you need to get something off your chest but feel gagged and your throat area feels tight. Have a look at the 5th chakra and choose a blue necklace or scarf to stimulate that chakra.

For simple, everyday crystal healing you may like to try an item of chakra jewellery that contains all seven crystals relating to the chakra energies.

Have a look at the chakra colour chart below to see how chakras and colours correspond.

Chakra Colour Chart

Crown Chakra

PURPLE – Located at the very top of your head.
Physically relates to – right eye, upper brain. When balanced you experience wisdom, protection, vision, responsibility, understanding, seeking, power. If unbalanced – confused, depression, lack of enthusiasm/inspiration, migraines, forgetful/senile, psychotic.

Brow Chakra

INDIGO – Located in the centre of your forehead.
Physically relates to – left eye, nose, nervous system, lower brain. When balanced people experience active mental abilities and intellectual skills. If unbalanced – cynical, fear, little focus/concentration, detached, headaches, eye problems/blindness, vivid/unpleasant dreams.

Throat Chakra

BLUE – Located in your throat area.
Physically relates to – throat, mouth, neck, ears, lungs, shoulders. When balanced, you have the ability to honestly communicate about your feelings, to accept everything about yourself – the good and the bad – and be able to share this understanding with others. If unbalanced – communication issues, little discernment, ignorance, thyroid, ear, neck and throat problems.

Heart Chakra

GREEN – Located in the centre of your chest.
Physically relates to – heart, circulation, arms, hands, blood .A balanced heart chakra can lead to unconditional love – of yourself and others – that can be inspiring to the world around you. If unbalanced – emotionally unstable, inability to show or receive affection, critical, heart problems, high blood pressure.

Solar Plexus Chakra

YELLOW – Located between your navel and chest.
Physically relates to – stomach, liver, digestion, nerves, muscles, gall bladder. When balanced, you approach the world and others from a strong place. You have self-acceptance, harmony with your surroundings, and the strength to resist negative energy and attract the energy and people that will help fulfil your desires. If unbalanced – fear, lack confidence, perfectionist, too much intellect, diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders.

Sacral Chakra

ORANGE – Located just beneath your navel. 
Physically relates to – reproductive system, skin, spleen, bladder, lower intestines. When this chakra is balanced you are aligned with others, open with your emotions, and in tune with creative energy and actions. If unbalanced – jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, sexual problems, allergies, bladder.

Base Chakra

RED – Located at the base of your spine.

Physically relates to – legs, feet, base of spine, bones, kidneys. When this chakra is balanced you feel stable, rooted in your sense of self and in your life, and connected with nature or your surroundings. If unbalanced – unstable, insecure, hunger/weight gain, constipation, arthritis, spinal tension, knee problems.

If you enjoyed our chakra colour chart and would like to know more about the chakras, have a look at our information on the seven chakras.

We love using this knowledge to keep our energy centers spinning healthily – hope you give it a try and also enjoy the benefits. Real DIY stress relief for simply living better everyday.

We would love to hear your experiences.

Contact us and make our day!

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