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What Are The Chakras?

Where and what are the chakras in your body?

How do these energy centers affect your overall health?

And how can you do simple chakra balancing?

If you were particularly clairvoyant and were studying the aura of a person to find out what are the chakras, what would you see?

You would notice a vertical flow of energy pulsating up and down the energy field in the spinal column along a channel known as the shushumna channel. It extends out of the physical body above the head and below the coccyx.

This flow of energy is known as the haric line or central pillar

Within this haric line there are twelve chakras that feed energy into and out of the body.

Seven of these are known as major chakras and relate directly to the physical body by feeding the major nerve plexuses situated along the central nervous system, as well as the organs and glands.

Where the energy flowing from top to bottom, crosses with the energy that flows from right to left of the body, a vortex of energy is created, either drawing in or giving off energy, depending on which way the vortex is swirling. These vortexes look somewhat like whirlpools which are wide at the top and taper to a point at the end…

The more energy that flows in and out of these vortexes or chakras, the healthier you will be.

Illnesses and stress are the result of an imbalance or blocking off of the energy flow.

What Are The Chakras Called

There are many millions of chakras covering the body, varying in size from minute to very large.

  • The minute ones are called auric fibres and they cover the body almost like a layer of fine hair, in fact, each cell has at least one. Their tips penetrate into the body and are an extension of the Peripheral and Central Nervous System, drawing in and releasing energy (like breathing), to vitalize the entire physical body and all the subtle bodies.
  • The slightly larger ones are known as acupuncture points, pressure points or reflex points.
  • The bigger ones are known as chakras of which there are 21 minor ones and 7 major ones. These chakras are found wherever there is a joint or where muscle crosses bone or joins into bone, where there is an organ and at the ends of the fingers and toes.

The seven major chakras are situated along the centre of the body as follows…

The tips of these seven major chakras point into a vertical flow of energy and move up and outward, opening at the edge of each layer or body they are located in. Each layer or body of the aura is associated with a different major chakra, i.e. first layer-first chakra, second layer-second chakra etc.

What Are The Chakras Used For

To answer the question “what are the chakras used for?” – you could say that the chakras are like the power stations of your body. They bring your body to life, and keep it healthy.

Each chakra is associated with different parts of your body and mind, and they need to spin totally in balance for you to feel good. The chakras absorb energy that comes from your thoughts, feelings and outside environment and feed this to your body. And your body is affected by the quality of the energy that passes through the chakras. Although you cannot always control the kind of energy that we are exposed to, you can keep your chakras in tip-top condition – in other words keeping them spinning in balance with a vibrant colour. Chakra balancing is a bit like spring-cleaning the chakras and fine-tuning them.

By channeling energy through your own body via your own hands, using visualization, meditations, crystals, colour plates etc. you can correct these imbalances, thus enabling the body to begin its own healing process.

Video Explaining Chakras

Sometimes it helps to hear and see a visual explanation – hope you enjoy this one!

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