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Chakra Balancing And Stress Relief

You can do chakra balancing and healing with simple exercises…

Learn to how to use chakra colour charts, chakra diagram, crystals, yoga, massage and meditation to balance and heal your energy centers and relieve stress.

Importance of Chakra Balancing

A perfectly balanced chakra system is the ultimate goal of people who want to enjoy a more productive, healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Why Is This So?

Each individual chakra or energy center in your body has its own frequency vibration that corresponds to naturally-occurring frequencies that are present in the environment. And it is through these unique frequencies that each individual chakra receives and/or transmits energy – referred to as chi, qi, or prana.

More About Chakras

Before you can effectively use our methods for balancing and healing your chakras, it is good to know more about what are the chakras.

If you understand how the chakras or energy centers get blocked because of stress, it is easier to understand why it is important to use chakra balancing and healing to get yourself back on track and aligning your chakras. Have a look at our seven chakras page for more information about the chakra centers in your body.

During periods of illnesses and stress, our chakras are still functioning but may be out of synch. This can hamper the free flow of energy which further aggravates our physical and/or mental and emotional illness. Other factors which contribute to the malfunction of our chakra system are the inability to cope, suppressed emotions, unhealthy food intake, and lack of exercise.

Though our chakras may be out of synch and not function at their best from time to time, their balance can be restored.

Tools for Chakra Balancing Healing

The most common tools used to restore the balance of chakras are:

  • Colour

    We love the fact that each chakra is connected to a colour. Colour is such an important healing tool and using colour meditation and other colour healing modalities can greatly relieve stress. Colour is so easy to use in meditation and other stress relief techniques. Because each colour has its own vibration or frequency, it can be used to heal, open and balance your chakras in a fun and individual way. Have a look at our chakra colour chart to see which chakra corresponds with which colour.
  • Crystals

    One of the easiest (and oldest) ways to balance the chakra system is to place a crystal of the appropriate colour on each area. This will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the system’s overall harmony. Find out how to use chakra balancing crystals for healing the chakras and stress relief. It is simple and fun. We love it!
  • Light

    Light emits detectable and invisible light frequencies at the same time . These frequencies have the same specific frequency and resonance required by the body’s chakra system for balancing and opening chakras. The use of light therapy uses light on the eyes, acupuncture meridian points, and the body’s reflex zones to deliver the correct frequency to restore health.
  • Sound

    You can very effectively and easily use tuning forks, soft music – I recommend Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind and Soulquartz crystals Tibetan bowls, and other objects to generate an agreeable resonance to achieve chakra balancing and healing. Sound has a natural vibration and resonance therapeutic effect and therfore it affects us emotionally. Beautiful and melodious sounds can induce serenity and calm whereas chaotic sounds produce dissension and discord. Sound can be used to achieve a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in order to better faster healing and achieve higher levels of consciousness.
  • Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy uses fragrant essential oils in order to capture the healing properties and physiological effects of the chemical ingredients of plants’ essential oils that make up the base product. Chakra essential oils are able to clean, set free and restore calmness of thought and emotions because they affect your mental, emotion and spiritual aspects.
  • Yoga

    The spine houses a subtle “motorway” that carries the lifeforce in our energy body. As it enters or leaves at the “roundabouts” or chakras, this life force is a blend of all our energies; physical, vital, nervous, mental and attitudinal. If the spine’s energy “motorway” is obstructed, the side roads become blocked and the areas that they feed become deprived of nourishment. Learn how chakras and yoga can help you in your chakra balancing exercises.
  • Vocal Toning

    Chakra vocal toning for chakra balancing is a very effective way of using sound to open and heal your chakras. It enhances toning because you can decide which energy center needs attention and sometimes just focus on that one. I love to use color in my meditation practices and chakra vocal toning with color visualization is a perfect combination… You really do not have to know too much about chakra vocal toning or be particularly musical to benefit from this powerful technique – I enjoy doing it because of the feeling of balance and harmony that it restores. It is also excellent for managing stress and keeping anxiety and tension away.

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