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DIY Hand Massage

A therapeutic hand massage is a real treat!

Give your hands the attention they deserve.

Frequently massaging your hands keeps them supple and free from tension, particularly if you are doing a lot of typing and computer work.

And here’s how we do it…

Use your thumbs, fingers and heel of your hand to stroke and stretch the muscles and tendons in the hands and wrists.


1. Flex your wrist up and down and turn it from side to side. Rotate it several times in both directions.

To massage your palm, support the back of your hand with your fingers and make small rotary motions with your thumb pad over one spot at a time.

Massage the mound at the base of the thumb very well.

2. Starting below the lowest knuckle, pull along each finger with your other thumb and index finger. Wiggle finger and thumb joints and press the finger tips.

3. Support the hand with your fingers and slide your thumb down between each tendon from beside the knuckle to the wrist.

4. Using pressure from your thumb pad, squeeze the web of your hand between thumb and index finger, making tiny rotary movements on one spot at a time.

5. Place your hands together in front of you, palm facing palm, and elbows at right angles to the body. Slowly squeeze your elbows so that your palms separate and your fingers press together.

This exercise eases cramped and tight hands.

Check Massage Strokes for how-to techniques.

Give a friend a Hand Massage

Give your partner, parent or friend a GIFT VOUCHER for a hand and/or foot massage and then do it for them.

A wonderful way to ease stress, strengthen bonds and have fun! And doesn’t cost anything!

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