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Colour And Stress Relief

How to Use Colour Energy To Heal and Balance

Saturday 01 February, 2020.

Do you know how to combine colour and stress relief?
Do you want to know how to use colour energy to balance and restore calm and health?

We are all aware of how colour can affect moods and emotions. This is our everyday experience and is also borne out by science. Colour therapy uses this sensitivity to colour to identify and correct any imbalances in the body’s internal energy patterns that might lead to emotional or physical ill health or any kinds of stress. The vast majority of us spend our lives surrounded by colour, but few of us stop and think about its impact on our psyche…

Colour therapy believes that each organ and body system has it’s own vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by applying colour of the corresponding energy.


Combining colour and stress relief is a very effective stress management technique…

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat or the paints and furnishings we use to decorate our homes reflect our moods and emotions…

This is colour healing in it’s simplest form.

By exploring the subject further, we can use colour energy to cure discomfort, to create a specific atmosphere, to enhance the purpose of a room or simply to relieve stress and restore balance.

Want to know the meaning and energy of your favourite colours? Want to find out how to choose colours for decorating? Click on our colour for your home colour guide and enjoy finding out more about our colourful world!

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Using crystals to relieve stress and balance your energy is a wonderful way to combine colour and stress relief. Find out about chakra balancing crystal colours and enjoy the benefits of crystal energy.


Do you know which feng shui colours for rooms work best? Should you use red in the lounge? Blue in the kitchen? Which colors create harmony? Feng shui colors for rooms will give you more tips how how to use colour to influence the atmosphere in your home.

For more help, look at…

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Colour therapy
 with a trained professional involves the use of colors to improve physical, emotional and mental health. But you can do it yourself as part of your stress relief programme…

Try this simple Colour Meditation to calm the mind and help you relax and relieve stress.


More fun with colours!

Our colours and their meanings chart and colour guide for using colours,colour names and interpretations gives a step-by-step guide to identifying which colours you may need to introduce into your life.

Have a look at psychology of colours for interesting facts about how and why colour is used for healing and balancing.


Have Fun Using Colour To Relieve Stress and Make Your
Everyday Living Better

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