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Colour Brown Energy

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.


Colour Brown Energy is of the Earth and of the Natural World


The colour brown is the colour of solidity, preferring not to take risks.

Comforting colour brown energy is the colour of many good things in life – polished wood, leather, crumbly earth, dogs and horses, freshly baked bread, coffee beans, pebbles, bowls filled with nuts and- best of all- chocolate!

colour brown energy

About Colour Brown

Brown is the colour of practical energy. The brown personality is a deep thinker and can be very single-minded.

Like black, brown represents the seed waiting patiently to develop its full potential. It is the colour of hibernation. It suggests reliability and a state of solidity from which one can grow.

Brown can suggest a quiet desire to remain in the background. However, it can also have a dulling effect as it lacks the ability to break out of established patterns. A touch of brown in a room can be comforting.

Colour Brown Energy For Stress Relief And Healing

Brown is a neutral and non-threatening colour which begets comfort and stability.colour brown energy

Add colour brown energy to your life when you want to:

  • be comforted
  • need space to rest in preparation for a new project
  • when you want to ground yourself


Using Brown Colour For Decorating


brown colour decorBrown is comforting!

Brown is always seen in wooden objects, floors, doors and furniture, but as a decorating colour it is either the height of fashion or not used at all…

It was huge in the 1970’s when everything from bathrooms to kitchens, carpets, sheets and curtains was brown. It then went into hibernation for two decades, but now it is back.

It fits well with the natural decorating style. It looks good with khaki green and creams and also with bright colours…

Turquoise and brown is a favourite combination.

Working with chocolate brown is simple if you remember some basic rules:

    • Keep proportions and balance everything accordingly. This colour always acts as a great anchor so it’s all about using it as a base.
    • When choosing brown paint, the easiest way to make sure it’s not too dark is to paint a big swatch on the wall. Look at it in the daylight and at night before painting the entire room.


decorating with colour brown

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.


Need Help Choosing Colour For Your Home?

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We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.


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