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How To Make Crystal Essences

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.

Learn how to make crystal essences and benefit from the healing properties of these beautiful gemstones. It is so simple to do! And a very effective DIY stress relief technique!

Crystal essences are vibrational preparations made by immersing gemstones in spring water and exposing to direct sunlight.


How Do Crystal Essences Work

Gem essences are believed to work by allowing the energy pattern of a chosen stone to be imprinted on the water

Sunlight is best for this process, but leaving a stone in water by your bedside overnight and drinking the water first thing in the morning can also have very beneficial effects. Remember to remove the stone before drinking the essence.

The charged water can be drunk right away or bottled for later use in helping the healing and detoxing processes of the body.

And what’s more, it is not necessary to ingest a crystal essence in order for it to be effective…

Rubbing a few drops on your pulse points or around a chakra area, or close to an area of imbalance can work just as well.

Once you have learned how to make crystal essences, keep the bottled essences in the fridge and try to drink them within one week. You should not freeze them. Freshly made essence is usually best.

Give your indoor plants an uplifting treat with a spray of essence or add the essence to your bathwater.

* Have a look at our chakra balancing crystal colours to get an idea of what gemstones to use in your crystal essences.

How To Make Crystal Essences Using Moonstone


how to make crystal essences

A moonstone essence has the ability to calm our emotions. Moonstone is soft and cooling, because of its feminine orientation.


  1. Take a cleansed gemstone and place it in a clear glass bowl. Fill the bowl with fresh spring water until the stone is covered.
  2. Leave the bowl outside under the light of the full moon for three hours, or overnight if the night is calm and clear.
  3. Remove the moonstone, and remember to cleanse it after use. Pour the liquid into a clear glass.
  4. Take a drink of the moonstone infusion first thing in the morning in order to prepare yourself for an harmonious day.

Can you think of a more simple way to help you deal with stress?


crystal essences - diy stress relief

Caution: some gem stones are toxic or dissolve in water (crystal made of salt, for example.) Gem water made from the quartz family is safe. Try citrine, amethyst or tiger’s eye.

More Useful Information

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