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How To Manage Workplace Stress With Crystals

Use Crystals For Simple And Effective Work stress Relief

Monday 24 October, 2016.

You can manage workplace stress with crystals whether you work at home or in an office.

Consider the factors that you would most like to improve and then select types of colour and crystal that might help.

I love using crystals to enhance my working area…

It is simple, effective, attractive and I can get creative and personal…


crystals in the workplace


If you work in an office or a factory or at home there is much you can do to make your personal space a pleasant place to be…

And using crystals to manage workplace stress is a good place to start…

How To Use Crystals In The Workplace


    • Keep natural stones or crystals asmanage workplace stress with crystalspaperweights or as dividers in a file or bookcase.
    • Use carved stone pots or bowls on the desk as containers in which to store pens or paperclips.
    • Place crystals or gems on the soil of potted plants in your work area.
    • Have a favourite crystal as a ‘worry stone’ for your pocket…crystals in the workplaceI find that the telephone and computer can be particular causes of tension and stress. They demand my time and attention and raise my adrenalin levels throughout the day – having my favourite quartz on hand to deflect the energy is a great way to manage workplace stress with crystals.
    • Keep a small bowl of stones near the phone as acrystals in the workplacefocus for your attention. It will also help unnecessary depletion of your energy by becoming overly involved in other people’s problems…

      Change the stones to fit in with the colours that suit your mood.

    • Another way to manage workplace stress with crystals is to offset the strong electromagnetic fields created by computer screens by putting a crystal on the monitor or near it. Clear quartz is recommended, but it must be cleansed frequently.

What Crystals To Use In The Workplace


    • Moonstone helps you to understand your colleagues’ point of view. It is an excellent aid to communication and also acts to balance your emotional states and clear away tensions. So find a moonstone that appeals to you and keep it on your desk for better work relationships.
    • Obsidian is a form of black volcanic glass, often with white flecks, patches of red or a smoky translucence. It is known to aid concentration and to bring imbalances to the surface. Use obsidian to manage workplace stress with crystals if you want to reveal hidden factors in a situation. Other stones can then assist by clearing away this clutter, leaving your mind clear and focused.
    • Fluorite helps in a work environment to release dynamic or inspirational ideas. It is associated with the crown chakra and acts as a link between subtle and practical aspects of consciousness. Fluorite is found in a variety of colours, with violet and mauve being most frequent.

Have a look at crystal colours and names and choose a crystal which will support your needs. Place it in your workspace and enjoy the way it will change the energy.

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