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Colour Pink Energy


Colour Pink Energy represents Caring and Tenderness



The colour pink is a blend of red and white, and it is this mixture which promotes consistency of affection.


pink colour


Pale Pink is the colour of the inside of a seashell, apple blossoms in springtime, strawberry ice-cream and many other delicious and pretty things.

colour pink energy

Pale pink is always associated with sweetness and innocence. Soft pink colour energy is a life colour, a signal of health and well-being.


colour pink

Hot Pink is feminine and spicy and impossible to ignore.

hot pink energy

It is the colour of brilliant desert cactus flowers and bougainvillea trailing down whitewashed villa walls around the Mediterranean.
Passionate hot colour pink energy is the perfect colour for a love nest.

About Colour Pink Energy

The quality of pink energy depends on how much red is present. White stands for equality, and red is the motivation to achieve a goal. Pink combines these energies.

Pink represents caring and tenderness and a limited exposure to pink can temper aggressive behaviour. Shades of deep pink, such as magenta, are effective in neutralizing disorder and violence. Some prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behaviour.

The richer shades of pink can help to improve self-confidence and assertiveness while the paler shades are more protective and supportive. Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.

Pink Energy For Healing and Stress Relief

In any turbulent or aggressive situation, pink can help to calm violent emotions and it colour pink energy will provide you with the energy to move out of a negative situation.

Add pink to your life when you want:

  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance and contentment

Using Pink Colour For Decor

Pink is a wonderfully flattering colour and brings a glow into any room.

pink decorTips for decorating with pink:

    • Pale pink is an undemanding colour to live with and is useful for softening hard edges and creating a rosy glow. pink is an adaptable colour and can be used in a nursery or the office.
    • Baby pink looks good with white or cream and other pastel shades, but it can also look sophisticated alongside steel grey; or funky with lime green or turquoise.
    • Pink is a colour well-suited for use over large areas. Use pale pink to enlarge a room that feels cramped.
    • Walls painted with hot pink will advance to make a room look smaller. Combine hot pink with moss green to restore the room to its original proportions.
    • Hot pink walls will give a young girl’s room a funky style that is extremely popular.
    • Pale pink in a bedroom will make you feel soothed and pampered.

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.


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We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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