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Colour Silver Energy

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.


Colour Silver Energy Brings Freedom from Emotional Restrictions.


What is the character of silver?
How can you use silver in energy healing?

Silver has a bright reflective quality which can create illusions and promote fluidity. It brings freedom from emotional restrictions. Silver energy is related to the moon and can light up our path.


colour silver energy


About Colour Silver Energy

Silver is the thread of cosmic intelligence. An invisible silver chord is said to attach humanity to “the other side”. Silver energy is able to still the emotions and is a great tranquillizer. Silver vibration brings a clarity which helps resolve disputes. It takes an unbiased stand.

Negative silver shows up in relationships in which there is no substance, just delusion. People who fall in love with stars of the silver screen are under this negative influence.
Professions that create make-believe also work under the influence of silver energy.

Silver And The Body

The feminine dimension of the self is silver, whether it resides in a male or female body.
Bathe in the silver moonlight to restore your equilibrium.

Colour Silver Energy For Stress Relief And Healing

    • Silver energy brings freedom from emotional restriction: it is the great tranquillizer.
    • Silver reflects mistakes without distortion. It harmonizes and brings about a fluid state of consciousness.

Add silver to your life when you want:

silver energy

  • a non-invasive, neutral feeling
  • to emphasize your willingness to comply
  • to feel detached or isolated
  • to reduce the intense energy of another color


Decorating With Colour Silver


colour silver decor


Silver is the moon’s colour and is thought to have a balancing influence on us. It flatters most other colours and is very easy to fit into a colour scheme.

    • Colour silver energy is cool and sharp. Use a reflective mirrored surface to pick up surrounding colours.
    • It is the colour of pewter, stainless steel, zinc, tin chrome and galvanized iron. Since the arrival of the industrial style, many of these silver metals have made a big impact on home decoration.
    • Silver is most likely to dominate in the kitchen, where a ‘catering style’ demands professional style cooking ranges, stainless steel work surfaces, sinks and appliances. Chrome is popular for items such as kettles, toasters and food mixers.

silver decor

    • Painted silver walls look good with colours such as purple, lilac, cool blues and rosy pink.
    • Soft fabric textures like velvet and silk that share silver’s reflective qualities, make a good match.


colour silver cutlery

Silver cutlery can promote balanced and friendly dinner conversation.

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.


Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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