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Colour Gold Energy

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.


Colour Gold Energy has the Gift to Release and Forgive


What else can you use the colour gold vibration for?

Gold is related to the wise old sage. It is warm and sparkling, and its light-reflecting quality brings illumination to the mind and the body.

colour gold energy

About Colour Gold

Gold is purity. It is the soul’s experience of all that is past. Gold has access to knowledge and – more important – to knowledge of the self.

Gold means “I Am”.

It does not seek, it has already found. From its deep understanding it is able to forgive and let go of the past. It expands the power of love because it trusts completely and has no vice.

Negative gold’s conceit is that of privilege, and belief in itself as more worthy than others. It will blow its own trumpet, but true gold respects and appreciates the value of others.

gold energy

The golden light cast by the sun turns the landscape into a rich and uplifting colour


Gold And The Body

No parts of the body connect with gold, an off shoot of yellow, but it can be seen in auras.

Gold For Stress Relief And Healing

    • Physical and psychological depressions can be helped by gold as it is uplifting and dissipates negative energy.

gold energy

    • Any kind of digestive irregularity, rheumatism, arthritis, underactive thyroid can all be helped by gold.
    • Use gold to reduce scars.

Add gold to your life when you want:

  • increased personal power
  • relaxation and enjoyment of life
  • good health
  • success

Decorating With Colour Gold

decorating with colour goldGold is the most glamorous metallic colour, designed to catch the eye as well as to highlight and frame decorative schemes. A magical array of modern products are available to create very convincing shades of gold. Gold gleams by day and sparkles at night and should be enjoyed. Don’t take it too seriously!

Hints for using colour gold energy in your décor:

    • Just one wall painted gold-yellow will brighten the whole room, and make the room seem larger. Try it in a small room that you wish were bigger, you will gain the illusion of having more room.
    • Don’t limit using gold-yellow on walls, however. Because there’s nothing feeble about this particular shade, it can stand on its own as an eye-catching statement in the center of the room, such as a gold-yellow chair placed just so, or a vase full of sunflowers on a kitchen table. All adds colour gold energy to your living space.
    • Gold-yellow is a perfect choice when a room’s function is to help people socialize, such as in a living room, dining room, or kitchen, because gold-yellow can help bring out the extrovert in everyone.
    • Gold-yellow will brighten the mood of a room. It’s not right for the kind of studious contemplation necessary in a den or study.
    • What harmonizes well with gold-yellow? Anything on the same side of the color wheel will work. Gold-yellow hovers somewhere between true yellow and yellow-orange, so you can complement it with greens, to pull it more toward the blue range, or with reds and oranges, to bring out its more fiery side.
    • Feng Shui golden color represents Feng Shui element of metal. This element naturally fills people with power, and brings luck in financial affairs. In addition, Feng Shui metal element represents honor and respect. The warm metallic glitter of golden color can change the mood of people to positive and optimistic. Besides, golden enhances the feeling of self-worthiness and self-respect. In interior design colour gold energy may be represented by various metal objects, such as coins, accessories of golden color, and pictures of golden objects. Yellow walls, as well as golden and gilded items, add joy to life, bring goodwill and fun, and help to turn any beginning into a success. 

      colour gold decor

      Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.


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      We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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