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Friday 05 August, 2016.


Colour White Energy Stands For Wholeness And Completion


White is perceived as the entire visible light spectrum, the complete energy of light, and so it stands for wholeness and completion.

colour white energy

What do you associate with the colour white?

About Colour White

    • Many cultures associate white with purity and cleanliness, openness and truth. White is often used to denote holiness.
    • Colour white reflects all the light that falls on it, thus radiating all the colours of the rainbow.
    • Colour white energy has a fundamental characteristic of equality: all colours remain equal in white’s domain. It is also a symbol of unity and faith.
    • White has a sense of destiny. Everything is clear and explicit. White energy also has a cold quality.
    • White vibration is purification, white can help to clarify all aspects of life, giving the energy to sweep away all the physical blocks and ingrained emotional patterns.


colour white energy


White And The Body

The eyeball is connected to the colour white: its differing shades of whiteness are used in the diagnosis of illness.

Colour White Energy For Stress Relief And Healing


    • White has the ability to radiate out all the colours, allowing development in any direction, so it is a good choice when you need some impetus.
    • Wear white as a tonic to top up the colours in your body’s system.

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.

white energy

Add some white to your life when you want:


  • to clear clutter and obstacles away
  • to start a fresh beginning
  • to bring about mental clarity
  • purification of thoughts or actions


Decorating With White Colour

decorating with white

    • Although white is a non-colour, it does convey a specific mood of cleanliness, purity and innocence.
    • White reflects all colours and is good choice for rooms with odd or irregular features, because minor flaws will nearly disappear in the absence of colour.
    • Not all whites are the same. So when using white, whether it’s choosing wall paint, a carpet, or fabric for a sofa, be careful in matching white to white or to another color as you would matching mauve, sky blue, or emerald.
    • White shows blemishes and scars more readily than any other color, so reconsider white as a decor option if you have young kids, a lot of pets, or visitors who like to put their muddy feet up on the sofa.
    • A white background is most often the best way to show off any stunning work of art, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a piece of furniture you love. White will offer a clean background that will most enhance the viewing.
    • Sometimes just a bit of white here or there is all that’s needed to add an energetic, elegant splash to a room design.white decorWhether it’s white roses in a silver vase, a bunch of white glass grapes, a white cup and saucer, white can add a bit of uplift to any room.
    • Starting with an all-white room can free an interior decorator to choose and play with color. White works so well because it reflects back a great deal of light, so other colors you use with it will really stand out.

White, used together with black, is a sophisticated and classic decor option. Have a look at our colour black energy decor tips for more ideas.


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We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.


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