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Colour Black Energy

Colour Black Energy Contains Every Colour Within Itself


Black is connected to the secret mystery of darkness. It absorbs all light that falls on it and gives nothing back except a promise.

Black is traditionally linked to unseen, hidden and fearful experiences.


colour black energy trees in black and white

What do you associate with the colour black?

About Colour Black Energy

    • Black is the energy of gestation and preparation. It has often been associated with Winter and with the promise of seeds lying dormant awaiting Spring’s growth and the new life to come.
    • Black is the colour of the person who keeps control by not giving information to others. Someone who always wears black may be saying that there is something absent from his or her life.
    • Negative black believes that all is ended, there is nothing to look forward to. It is afraid of what is coming next.
    • When colour black energy is harnessed in a positive way, it can provide the discipline necessary to work through difficulties and achieve freedom. Working towards the light in any way will involve using the magic of black. Black can complete the incomplete. The mystic arts relate to black.

Black And The Body

There are no parts of the body specifically connected to black, except when seen on X-rays or in the aura as disease.

Colour Black Energy For Stress Relief And Healing

    • Use black in a positive way to encourage self-discipline.
    • Black energy is useful to support a period of rest and dormancy whilst new plans and paths are hatching. Be careful not to slip into melancholy.
    • To break the stagnation of black, a small addition of colour will help then person trapped in black to reach out.

Are you battling with ‘feeling black’? Have a look at our depression treatments for some ideas on how to naturally shift that mood.

Add some black to your life when you want:

  • to become inconspicuous
  • to open the door to mystery
  • to prepare for the unknown
  • a restful emptiness

Decorating With Black Colour

black colour decor

    • Black is often used with white for a sophisticated decor statement. Black and white present such a strong contrast that only brave decorators use them over large areas. The dramatic effect of black and white can be stark and cold unless handled with sensitivity. The secret is to have lots of colorful artifacts and interesting paintings to display against the white background. It’s virtually impossible to go contemporary with decor and not have at least one stalwart piece of furniture in black.
    • Japanese style of contrasts has become popular in the West. The Japanese have perfected the art of minimalism and use very few pieces of beautifully shaped furniture whose shape is highlighted by the sharp contrast between dark objects and their light background.
    • Black and white is a sophisticated choice for a kitchen. Black is also the perfect foil for neutrals and bights in a contemporary kitchen.
    • Black is the best choice for blending shapes and masking unwanted features such as exposed pipework.
    • Red, white, and black is considered the most romantic colour palette and is an almost fail-safe scheme.
    • A very bright and cheery room needs a place for the eye to rest. Try a simple black chair which provides a focal point without calling too much attention to itself.

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.

colour black energy

Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.


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