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Colour Purple Energy


Colour Purple Energy Combines Gentleness With Power


Purple can achieve great humility, even to the point of sacrificing itself for the benefit of others, without being a victim.

Purple is the colour of royalty and of mourning.

Purple energy is a great protector, it is reliable and solid.

colour purple energy


About Colour Purple Energy

    • The key to understanding the purple vibration is to see how its component colours, red and blue, work together; red is dynamic while blue is quietening. Purple brings a new dynamism to blue’s still qualities, and stability to the frenetic activity of red. Concepts and ideas are thus better are thus better able to find better application in the presence of purple energy. Purple is associated with imagination and psychic inspiration.
    • There is a danger that purple can become very arrogant. When this happens, inspiration becomes fanaticism and megalomania and imagination turns into fantasy and delusion. The purple energy, because it seems to extend beyond current knowledge into unknown regions, can trap the spiritual dreamer in a world of unrealistic wishful thinking.
    • If fantasy about the unknown can be avoided, colour purple energy can bring enlightenment and healing. It integrates energies at all levels, and as healing requires the building up of new systems (red), according to accurate information (blue), so purple energy can accelerate healing, both physical and emotional.
    • The skill of intergration is aided by purple vibration. As the colour combines opposite energies, so it can also help people who need to work with an array of disparate things.
    • Purple is associated with the richness and diversity of ceremony, and with rulers and spiritual masters. Clergymen, musicians and painters all work with the colour purple energy.
    • Humility is a key aspect, but negative purple can be belligerent and treacherous.

Colour Purple And The Body

purple crown chakraPurple is the colour of the crown chakra, which governs the brain.

The top of the head – the crown, the brain and the scalp – is represented by purple, as is the pineal gland.

Purple For Stress Relief And Healing

    • Purple can be used to treat any kind of internal inflammationheart palpitations or headaches.
    • The immune system and strained nerves can also benefit from purple energy which enhances the natural healing of the body, strengthening the immune system.
    • When there is a need to rebalance life, especially if it is lacking in a creative aspect, purple can increase the ability to use the imagination in practical ways and help to integrate new skills into everyday life.
    • Purple can help to calm hyperactive states.

Add purple to your life when you want:

  • to use your imagination to its fullest
  • to re-balance your life
  • to remove obstacles
  • to calm overactivity or to energize from depression


Lavender is a gentle but powerful healer.



Purple light should never be directed onto the face, only to the back of the head. It should be used sparingly as long exposures may be depressing. It is not recommended for use with children. The antidote to an overload of purple is exposure to golden light.

Decorating With Colour Purple

purple decor


    • Being surrounded by lilac and purple is said to help us achieve serenity. Colour purple energy is good to use in healing rooms.
    • Purple is linked to creativity and is favoured by artists, musicians and those who tend towards a bohemian lifestyle. But people who are prone to depression should avoid it.
    • The shades of purple range between blue and red, with violet-blue at one end and maroon at the other. Violet is the darkest and deepest colour of the spectrum. The more red a purple contains, the warmer and more comforting it becomes.
    • Deep purples are too heavy for large areas, but are great for adding depth, richness and colour accents to a room.
    • Pale lilacs, lavenders and violets have the opposite effect and are excellent for walls and ceilings. Used in harmonious colour schemes, their effect is cool and comfortable, making them ideal for bedrooms and studies.
    • Purple is a color to use boldly to make a statement or in small amounts to add drama to a neutral colour scheme.


purple decor

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.

Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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