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Colour Indigo Energy

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.


Colour Indigo Energy has an Affinity With a Deep Inner World


Did you know that the energy of indigo supports law and order and tradition? Think of royal robes…

But the colour indigo can also be a transformer and a defender of people’s rights.


colour indigo energy


About Colour Indigo Energy


    • The indigo vibration is related to subtle perceptions, such as clairvoyance and other psychic skills. The deep, directionless depths of indigo can heighten our awareness of what is not immediately apparent – think of gazing into the night sky.
    • The indigo personality loves structure and hates untidiness. It may ally itself with the ‘establishment’ and often upholds the social order in a positive, constructive way. However, a weak indigo personality may become bossy or a slave to rigid ideas. When in tune with its inner qualities, the indigo personality can be self-reliant and come up with new ideas.
    • Indigo is an ideal colour for contemplative and spiritual pursuits, such as solitary meditation and visualization, where the inner senses are the most important. Indigo is a stronger philosopher than blue.
    • The indigo personality (under the influence of colour indigo energy) may aspire to be a spiritual master, an inspired teacher or writer.indigo skyIndigo can reconcile science and religion.
    • Indigo energy has a pioneering essence, but with insight. Negative indigo is the believer who has become a fanatic; blind devotion is an indigo failing. Addictions also relate to negative indigo.
    • The flow of indigo energy creates an internal communication that manifests as profound thoughts, new insights, philosophies and intuition. The indigo vibration enhances and heightens awareness, while maintaining integrity. Stillness and contemplation can lead to a ‘super-cooled’ state of indigo, in which sudden clarity of understanding can occur. Like a bolt of lightening, intuitive indigo realizations often occur almost instantaneously.


Indigo And The Body

third eye chakra indigoThe indigo vibration opens up the ‘Third Eye’. The bone structure, especially the backbone, the pituitary gland, lower brain, eyes and sinuses are all represented by the colour indigo energy.

Have a look at our page on third eye chakra essential oils for more ideas on balancing your ‘indigo energy’.

Colour Indigo Energy For Stress Relief And Healing


    • Indigo is the strongest painkiller in the spectrum and is a great healer. It can be used to combat many illnesses, among them bacterial infections, and the results of air, water and food pollution.
    • Indigo energy can help acute sinus problems (which psychologically are often uncried tears from childhood), chest complaints, bronchitis and asthma, lumbago, sciatica and migraine. Over-active thyroid, growths, tumors and lumps of any kind, diarrhea and kidney complaints also respond to the use of indigo energy healing.
    • The sedative influence of indigo can be helpful in lowering high blood pressure.
    • Emotional and mental agitation can also be cooled and quietened by the calming effects of indigo. It is the perfect colour to induce a deep, healing peace.


Decorating With Colour Indigo


decorate with indigoWhen deciding how to use indigo colour for decorating, you can generally follow the tips for decorating with purple.

Being surrounded by lilac or indigo said to help achieve serenity. Pale lilacs, lavenders and violets are excellent for walls and ceilings. Use indigo in harmonious colour schemes to create a cool but comfortable effect – this makes an ideal colour scheme for a bedroom or study. Indigo or lilac is often the favourite colour of young children.
If you want to use indigo for a room that hosts more sociable activities, combine it with warm contrast such as earthy orange and deep yellow.


Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.

Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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