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Colour Blue Energy

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.


Colour Blue Energy is Stimulating and Cool


Blue is associated with peace, masculinity, intuition, cleanliness, trust, authority and intelligence. Pure bright blue is a heavenly colour and is good for focusing the mind on higher things.

colour blue energy

About Colour Blue Energy


    • The colour blue stands for honour, integrity and sincerity. It is tranquil and avoids drawing attention to itself.
    • Blue has two aspects. One is the process of communication and the flow of energy, and the other is the experience of rest and peacefulness.
    • Blue is the spirit of truth and higher intelligence. It is spiritually calming, the colour of the writer, poet and philosopher. The head and the heart speak directly through the blue throat when there is a need to communicate clearly.
    • Honesty and integrity are key blue qualities – if blue is lacking, attempts at self-expression can lead to frustration.
    • A blue personality that is out of balance can be subtly manipulated. It dislikes arguments and upsets, but may cause them indirectly.
    • Blue is a cool vibration; it is the tranquil spirit, the colour of contemplation, and it brings rest. It can help to heal inflammation in the body by cooling the area down. Blue can also help counteract infection.
    • The quality of peace gives blue a sense of detachment from emotional turmoil. It is not over-whelmed by closeness or detail and deals in greater perspectives. The blue personality brings a wisdom to love. Blue is also linked to loyalty. This is the quality that can lead you to the source of devotion.
    • The blue sky encourages a freedom of spirit. It brings solace where cruelty and brutality have occurred. Blue is a universal healing colour as it constantly creates – and maintains – calm.

Blue And The Body


blue throat chakraBlue is the colour of the throat chakra, and relates to personal expression.

The colour blue is concerned with the throat area, upper lungs and arms, and the base of the skull.

It relates to weight gain. The glands connected to blue energy are the thyroid and parathyroid.

Infections in the throat area are often psychologically related to not speaking out. Since the blue personality hates arguments, it may even resort to coughing and spluttering to avoid any form of confrontation.

Colour Blue Energy For Stress Relief And Healing


    • Coughs, sore throats, vocal problems, teething and ear infections can all be treated with blue. A stiff neck, which can represent the fear of moving forward, also responds.
    • Blue is particularly useful in reducing the temperature of a fever in adults and children.
    • Blue can help to calm those who are over-excited or agitated.
    • Using blue for people with terminal illnesses can bring a tremendous feeling of peace.

Try throat chakra essential oils to balance and heal your ‘blue energy’.


Using Blue Colour For Decorating


blue colour decorIn some shades, colour blue energy is balancing, calming and rejuvenating. Blue energy can replace excitement with tranquility – perfect to come home to after a draining day.


    • Blue is the coldest colour in the landscape, and creates distance. Blue absorbs light and will make a room appear considerably darker than if painted with a light-reflecting colour such as yellow.
    • Walls painted blue appear to recede, so use blue colour when you need to create the appearance of space. The eye perceives blue as having a blurred edge, so it is useful for softening hard edges in a room.
    • Bright blue and white are a good combination as white sharpens up blue edges, and blue makes white appear cleaner and brighter. Indoors, balance this combination with orange or golden yellow.
    • Blue is good to use outdoors as it provides a resting place for the eyes in bright sunshine. The shade beneath blue parasols is the most inviting of all.
    • Use blue colour for an office where it helps concentration and stimulates ideas.
    • A blue kitchen will feel more comfortable when the heat is on and a blue bathroom will provide more refreshment than relaxation.


colour blue decor


Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.

Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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