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Colour Green Energy

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.



Colour Green Energy Connects Us To Nature


The colour green energy is found midway in the spectrum and is made up of two colours: yellow and blue. Yellow brings wisdom and clarity while blue promotes peace…

Green’s basic qualities are balance and harmony.


colour green

About The Colour Green

The colour green is the colour of youth, growth, ecology, relaxation, recovery and optimism.


    • Whereas redsoranges and yellows are warm, and blues, indigo and violets are cool, green can be either warm or cool.
    • Green aids the memory, which makes it an important healing colour. Many physical and mental illnesses result from events in the past and green can release these traumas.
    • Green is the colour of the animal kingdom and stands for growth and changes. Life is a process of transformation from on stage to another and growth needs balance and order for it to proceed smoothly. Green is a great supporter of balanced growth.
    • Green energy has to do with the pushing back of boundaries, of growing beyond what is known. Because green is connected to the heart it develops relationships with things around it, but also needs a degree of control or power, which may be supportive or destructive. Positive green is the giver; sensible, socially aware, helpful and selfless. Green supports self-awareness and self-acceptance.


green colour

    • Colour green energy is the vibration of relationships, of understanding the needs of others. In a positive, caring relationship, both lives are enriched and your interaction with the world is broadened. When a relationship is negative, your own potential for understanding the world is limited.
    • The green personality is prosperous and loves to share. Green may experience a conflict of ideas but always strives to maintain the status quo. Green energy has the ability to discriminate and, used in a positive manner, can promote tolerance.

Green And The Body

green energy healing

Green is the colour of the heart chakra.

The colour green is connected to the shoulders,
chest, lower lungs, thymus gland and heart.

Colour Green For Stress Relief And Energy Healing


    • Green energy can help in problems with personal relationships, especially when there is a difficulty with overdominance or subservience. Feelings such as envy, jealousy and greed can be helped by green energy. The desire to possess is another negative tendency which green can help.
    • Claustrophobia or feelings of restriction caused by being housebound or confined, or feelings of being trapped by other people’s rules can be counteracted by the green vibration.
    • Colour green energy can restore stability to any situation. It helps to counteract biliousness and a feeling of nausea.

Add green to your life when you want:

  • freedom to pursue new ideas
  • feel a need for change or growth
  • a new state of balance
  • protection from fears and anxieties connected with the demands of others

Decorating With Colour Green


decorating with green

    • Green soothes disturbed emotions and promotes restful sleep, which makes it an ideal colour for a bedroom. It is a favourite colour for hospitals where its calming influence counteracts fear and trauma.
    • Green is the perfect foil for most other colours. When using several greens together it is best to keep to light and dark tones of the same green. Sea green and olive, for instance, do not make a comfortable combination. If in doubt, look in a plant book – nature never gets it wrong.
    • Although green is a cool colour, it will not make a room feel cold if you combine it with warm contrasts like choclate-brown.
    • Sage green is a restful, meditative colour and is associated with wisdom and memory. Muddy green is thought to be depressing, and lime green can induce feelings of nausea. Leaf green is the colour of new shoots, full of hope and energy. Pine green can be cold unless brightened with strong contrasts; and deep green looks good with burnt orange and cream.

Our feng shui colour chart has lots more information about using colour.


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We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.


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