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Colour Yellow Energy

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.


Colour Yellow Energy is Happy, Warm and Sociable


Learn how yellow works in energy healing and tips on how to decorate with yellow.

Yellow is the brightest colour of the spectrum and its sunny hue brings clarity of thought, warmth and vitality. Yellow supports a search for understanding.

About Colour Yellow Energy


colour yellow energy

    • The yellow vibration is concerned with discrimination and decision-making, both essential skills for physical and mental well-being.
    • Yellow is the colour of the scientist. It unravels problems and focuses the attention, loves new ideas and is flexible and adaptable.
    • Yellow has no hesitation; it decides quickly and acts at once. Yellow smartens the reflexes. It has the ability to get things done.
    • Yellow is the great communicator and enjoys networking.
    • Yellow has financial ambition but may find it difficult to hold onto money.
    • Yellow has self-control, style and plenty of sophistication.


Yellow And The Body

solar plexus chakra yellowThe colour yellow is connected to the pancreas, liver, skin, solar plexus, spleen, gall bladder, stomach and nervous system.

Both the immune system and the digestive system rely on yellow to keep the gastric juices flowing.

Yellow energy helps to clear blockages of all kinds.


Colour Yellow Energy For Stress Relief And Healing

    • Use yellow when you need to enliven a sluggish system: it will help to clear away toxins and stimulate the flow of gastric juices to improve nutrient digestion
    • Yellow can be used to treat menopausal flushes, menstrual difficulties and other hormonal problems.
    • Yellow is the great eliminator that clears toxins from your system. So use yellow if you suffer from frequent minor illnesses, intolerances, allergies or constipation.
    • Feelings of lethargy and depression brought on by dull weather respond well to a dose of yellow light. This also helps improve a bad memory or inability to study.
    • Yellow can help to improve self-esteem, and reduce negativity and anxiety.
    • In cases of diabetes, rheumatism and anorexia, yellow can sometimes help to relieve symptoms of the illness.

Have a look at our page on solar plexus chakra healing for more ideas on balancing your ‘yellow energy’.

Using Yellow Colour For Decorating

Yellow is a sociable colour that makes you feel happy, warm and gregarious.


yellow energy

    • Yellow is light-reflecting which makes it good for rooms that don’t have much light. Using yellow in a room gives an effect of instant sunshine.
    • Yellow is strongly affected by colours next to it – so be careful how you mix it. With black it is at its most luminous; with violet it can look hard; with orange it appears purer, and green next to yellow gives it life and energy. Yellow and blue can be an uncomfortable combination unless the shade of blue is soft.
    • Use yellow in a kitchen where you prepare and serve meals – you will have lively conversation and good digestion.
    • Yellow in a playroom will encourage good behavior and sharing. In a work room yellow supports imagination, creativity and communication


Click on colour for your home to find out more about the other colours and their energy.

We hope you enjoy using the energy of colour to make your everyday living better.

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