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Equal Breath

Tuesday 09 August, 2016.

How can you benefit from practising Equal Breath yoga breathing technique?

This breath helps you to release stress and come back to base. It develops a good awareness of the breath and, by fully involving the mind, it is a good concentration exercise.

Try this breathing technique when you have trouble sleeping.

How To Do Equal Breath Exercise

  1. Lie or sit comfortably and become aware of your natural breath. After a while, incorporate a mental count. Make your inhalation and exhalation each four beats long. Continue this for five to eight rounds.
  2. Next, increase the length of your inhalation and exhalation to five beats. After five or so rounds, lengthen it to six beats. Check in with how your body and mind feel. You may be holding tension in certain places; keep your body relaxed.
  3. Now lengthen your inhalation and exhalation to a count of seven each. Once again sweep over your body to make sure that no tension has accumulated. Check that the skin on your forehead is relaxed and your jaw muscles are soft.
  4. After five or ten rounds, increase your count to eight beats. If you feel this lengthened breathing is causing stress, drop the count back to a number that gives you an elongated breath but doesn’t create tension.
  5. If you are still feeling comfortable, bring your count to nine beats… Relax the skin on your face. Relax your tongue.
    After some time you may like to bring the count to ten beats. Whatever your maximum comfortable beat, continue with this long, even breathing for several rounds. Then drop the counting and breathe naturally for ten rounds.
    Observe how it feels to be in your body right now… How does your mind feel?
    When it is time to end the Equal Breath exercise, set your intention to keep a thread of connection to this relaxation as you continue with your day.

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