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Breathing Against The Flow

Friday 05 August, 2016.

How can practicing “Breathing Against The Flow” yoga breathing technique benefit you?

This breathing exercise develops conscious breathing and the ability to use your lungs fully…

And it is revitalizing.

How To Do Breathing Against The Flow

As you fill the lungs in three sections, visualize filling a glass with water. First the bottom part fills, then the middle, and then it fills up to the brim.

Inhale In Stages

  1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. In your mind divide your lungs into three sections. Inhale about one third of your capacity, mentally directing the air to fill the bottom third of your lungs – your abdomen will lift as you will fill up from the lowest ribs to a third of the way up the ribcage. Pause for two or three seconds.
  2. Next, inhale to fill the middle third of the lungs. As you do this, mentally direct the air to the middle section of the chest, including into the side ribs and back of the torso. Your breastbone will start to lift.
  3. Now inhale to fill the top third of the lungs. Let your breastbone lift high as you fill your lungs. It is important that you feel full to the brim, yet in a way that doesn’t cause stress in your system. take any strain ut of your throat area. Check that your head doesn’t feel tight. you need to feel relaxed. Once you are full to the brim, pause for a couple of seconds.
  4. Now release the air in one long, smooth exhalation. take a few recovery breaths, then repeat twice more.

Exhale In Stages

      1. Come back to your natural breath. Check over your body and mind and let your tension float away.
      2. Inhale in one long steady flow. Once your lungs are completely filled, pause for a few seconds.
      3. Now exhale the air out of the bottom third of your lungs without tightening the abdominal muscles. As the abdomen drops, reinforce the rib cage and keep it lifted. Pause for a few seconds.
      4. With awareness of the mid-section of the lungs, partially exhale for stage two, yet keep your breastbone lifted. Keep the exhalation very smooth. Pause here without inhaling any air.


exhale completely

    1. . When your lungs are nearly empty, release your lifting action on the breastbone. Slowly let the rest of the air flow out of your lungs. once the lungs are emptied, pause for two seconds, keeping complete stillness.


  1. When you feel your lungs call for air, inhale in one long smooth breath to let your lungs fill deeply. Rest your lungs with a few normal breaths before repeating twice more. Rest in Corpse Pose.

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