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Heart Chakra Meditation Heart Chakra Opening

Heart chakra meditation, heart chakra opening, heart chakra healing to release anger, fear and sadness. Meditation to bring love, forgiveness and light into your life.

Why Practice Heart Chakra Meditation?

The Heart Chakra is the center of love and the center of your energy system. Heart chakra mediation can be used to help you heal emotionally and physically from all losses related to matters of the heart.

It also teaches you how to love yourself, stay balanced and achieve true spiritual awakening.

heart chakra healing

To Begin

    • Sit upright and relaxed, cross-legged. If you choose to sit on a chair, place your feet a little apart from each other, without shoes.
    • Rest your hands palms open and upward on your lap.
  • You can hold a piece of rose quartz in your receiving hand… If you are right handed, put it in your left. If you are left handed, put it in your right hand.

Heart Chakra Meditation

    • Allow your breath to become soft and slow. Focus on complete calmness and stillness throughout your entire body.
    • Begin to focus your energy and concentration at the chakra points along your spine. Gradually bring your awareness to just behind your heart. The movement of your awareness to the heart chakra will connect you to the rhythm of your heart. Allow all of your energy to become absorbed in the movement and activity of the heart chakra.
    • Focus your awareness on your chest area. Concentrate on bringing your energy to your heart and breastbone. Observe the sensation of your heart. Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Allow your awareness to become absorbed within the activity of your heart.
    • Now rub your palms together softly and put your right palm on the center of your chest and the left on top of the right. Feel the energy flowing from your arms to your hands and back to your heart.
    • Release your palms and turn them upside down. Keep your elbows bent and your shoulders and chest relaxed. Feel the light of love flowing from your palms and direct it towards your loved ones.
    • To complete your meditation, bring your awareness back down to the base of your spine and then return your focus to your breath.
  • While keeping your eyes closed and your body still, bring your awareness to the external environment, noticing the sounds in your room, the feeling of the air, and any sensations within your body. Finally, begin to move your body and open your eyes. Slowly rock your head, roll your shoulders and shake out your arms and legs.

This is a simple heart chakra meditation but is a good practice to begin heart chakra opening and heart chakra healing.

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