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Essential Oils And Skin Care

Wednesday 18 October, 2017.


Essential oils and skin care – simple aromatherapy skin treatments.

Try lavender, rose, geranium for a natural glow.

Have you noticed how stress affects the texture and tone of your skin? …

Stress causes the blood vessels under the skin to contract, leaving your skin undernourished and looking tired…

Using essential oils can help counteract this.

And essential oils can also be used as the basis of a simple and effective skin care routine





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Basic Essential Oils and Skin Care


Identify your skin type and choose the blends that will be most suitable for you.



One of the best all-round skin treatment cleansers is jojoba oil. This wax is very similar to the skin’s own oils and literally dissolves dirt out of the pores. Even a greasy skin can benefit, and jojoba is a wonderful skin conditioner…

essential oils and skin care 

Choose one of the following blends and add to 20 ml jojoba oil. Use a small amount on a cotton pad…


    • Normal/dry/mature skin
      2 drops frankincense, 4 drops sandalwood, 4 drops orange


    • Oily/combination skin
      2 drops juniper, 3 drops cypress, 5 drops lemon


  • Sensitive skin(half the proportions)
    2 drops roman camomile, 3 drops lavender

Keep these blends in the fridge and they will be good for up to four weeks.



Treat yourself to a good quality floral water from an essential oil supplier or drug store and give yourself a perfect skin toner treatment. Once again, choose for your skin type and use on a cotton wool pad to freshen your skin before moisturising.


essential oils and skin care 


    • Normal/dry/mature skin
      pue rose water or pure neroli water


    • Oily/combination skin
      pure lavender water


  • Sensitive skin
    pure camomile water or pure rose water

Floral waters will last up to six months if kept in the fridge.



Make up your night time facial treatment in either sweet almond oil (if you have dry or mature skin), or jojoba oil for all skin types.

essential oils and skin care 

Choose the essential oil and skin care blend that suits your skin type, and add it to 20ml of the carrier oil.


    • Normal/dry/mature skin
      2 drops rose, 3 drops neroli, 5 drops frankincense


    • Oily/combination skin
      3 drops geranium, 3 drops cypress, 4 drops lemon


  • Sensitive skin (half proportions)
    3 drops roman camomile,2 drops rose

Massage a small amount into your face for 10 minutes, using upward strokes on your cheeks and tiny circles around your eye area and over your forehead. Be careful not to get the blend into your eyes.

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