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Essential Oils For Acne

Friday 22 January, 2016.

How can essential oils for acne help alleviate this uncomfortable problem?

What Happens

A sebaceous gland, located in the hair follicle or tiny pit of the skin, produces oil that lubricates the skin. When some of this oil gets trapped in the pit, bacteria multiply in the pit and the skin becomes inflamed.

essential oils for acne

Most adolescents experience some form of acne due to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands by male hormones during puberty, however, using various blends of essential oils for acne combined with a sensible diet, exercise and plenty of fresh air, the problem should clear up.

No exact causes are known but factors that contribute to acne are heredity, oily skin and androgens (male hormones) which are produced in increased amounts during puberty. Other causes include oral contraceptives, allergies, stress and excessive junk foods.

The bactericide and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils for acne are extremely useful in the healing process. And the relaxing properties of aromatherapy also play their part as stress is the precursor of increased sebum production.


Antibiotics are often prescribed for acne but they only treat the symptoms temporarily, and as they fight off the friendly intestinal bacteria we need to digest and eliminate toxins efficiently, they can make things worse in the long run.

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Retin A is used with great success as is vitamin A. Carrot oil is also extremely effective in that it is an extremely rich source of beta carotene and a natural source of vitamin A.

What To Avoid

Stimulants, such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided as they tend to aggravate the condition, as do coffee, tea and even chocolate. It’s not the fattening aspect of the chocolate that’s the problem but the chemical stimulants it contains, especially phenyl ethylamine and theobromine that imitate our hormones. The caffeine and sugar that chocolate contains makes it doubly harmful for acne.

Cutting out dairy products, especially cream and hard cheese helps some people enormously.

Surprisingly, fruits ( due to their high sugar content) do not help acne, but vegetables most certainly do.

And don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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essential oils for acne

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