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Light And Colour Therapy

Saturday 06 August, 2016.

Light and colour therapy can be as simple as sitting in the sunlight – nature’s way!

Or you can use other forms of light to help you heal and balance.

We humans have evolved to react to sunlight, so working and living indoors, often under artificial lighting, may cause stress and undermine your health.


light and colour therapy


Coloured light and other light and colour therapy can be used to counteract some of the harmful effects of not getting enough natural light.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Studies of plants have shown that the full spectrum of light, including ultra-violet, plays an important part in maintaining the healthy and stress-free functioning of plants and animals. And to make it worse, light is actually filtered out by most types of glass…

The lack of sunlight in winter can be debilitating, and some people suffer from a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This shows up in mood swings and low energy, when levels of the hormone-like melatonin are reduced in the body. SAD can be treated with several hours of bright full-spectrum light.

light therapy


You can use light therapy on specific areas of the body

Chromotherapy – A Form of Light and Colour Therapy

Chromotherapy, or light treatment, works by using different coloured gels or slides in front of high-powered lamps to either bathe the whole body or specific problem areas. Applying different coloured light can be stress relief for the body and the spirit. When receiving chromotherapy, you can either lie down or sit in a chair, with the lamp directed towards you. For serious illnesses, you should always consult your medical practitioner.

light and colour therapy


  • Coloured Lighting

    The simplest way to enjoy light and colour therapy is to install a lighting system that enables you to turn on any colour at will. This way you can flood the room with your chosen colour and be bathed in a colour treatment for maximum health and well-being.

    You can achieve the same effect with a free-standing spotlight

    Select a coloured slide or gel appropriate to your needs. Place the gel over the spotlight, taking care that the gel does not touch the hot bulb. Turn off any other lights in the room and turn on the spotlight. Sit with the spotlight shining on you and bathe in the coloured light for instantly available, on-the-spot therapy and stress relief.

Have a look at our colour chart on choosing colour for your home to help you decide what colours you need for a personal colour treatment.

  • Colour Therapy Room

    The perfect healing sanctuary for chromotherapy will be a white room. However, an all-white room in an everyday situation will cause an overload of white; if you are surrounded by too much white for too long it can cause agitation and frustration…

    Place one red object in the room, or arrange flowers of the same hue too dissipate the sterility of the white.

    You can help friends staying in all-white hospital rooms by taking appropriately coloured flowers. Blue can help to calm fear and pre-op nerves, while peach and pink introduce a bit of stimulation when the patient is recovering.


light and colour therapy


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