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Meditation For Relaxation

Friday 05 August, 2016.

Meditation for relaxation is one of my favourite relaxation techniques.

Visualize a calm space, imagine a state of relaxation and experience the benefits of meditation.

Do you know how to use the effects of meditation to help you relax even when you are not actually meditating? Having trained yourself to meditate, you can use your “triggers” – evocative words and images – to take you back into a state of relaxation.

If you have imagined a place which makes you feel relaxed, for example, doing so again will give you the same positive feelings.

Try this meditation to relieve stress for starters!
Note the results and keep doing more of the same!


meditation for relaxation

It may be that you are aware of certain physical symptoms during meditation, such as a tingling sensation in the hands or feet: this may be a useful trigger too…

Imagine that you feel those symptoms, and within seconds you will feel those sensations and feelings associated with meditation. This can be especially useful before an important meeting, or any occasion about which you may be feeling apprehensive.

Use the trigger to gain the calm confidence you need and to put things into their proper perspective.

With practice, your mind will accept the training and linkages you have created during meditation, and will respond to these same signals at any time, quickly and easily, giving you all the benefits that come with deep relaxation.

More Useful Information

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You can take control of how you feel and start living better every day!


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