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A Simple Meditation Exercise

Wednesday 15 June, 2016.

Try this simple meditation and experience the benefits of meditation. You need beginner meditation tips?

You like the idea of meditation for stress relief and general holistic well-being but don’t know how to go about it…

meditationYou need to start with a basic meditation to focus and calm the mind

Nothing fancy…

No particular images

And no particular issues….

Just an experience…

Include these simple meditation tips to prepare you for a meaningful and stress relieving experience.


6 Simple Meditation Exercise Tips


  1. Getting Ready By putting aside a few moments to prepare yourself for your meditation, you will be more comfortable and find that you can sit for longer – and be able to concentrate better.
  2. To Begin Give yourself about 20 minutes of undisturbed time. Turn off your phone, television and any other possible disturbances – it can all wait! Put your pets in another room – my dogs love to join in and it is not peaceful! Open a window. Go to the bathroom. Wash your hands and face. Check your clothing and make sure nothing is constricting you. Sit on a firm chair with your feet flat on the floor. Or use a traditional meditation position . Just make sure you are comfortable. Allow yourself to relax completely.
  3. The Process Sit with your head, neck and spine straight. Relax your shoulders. Allow your arms to rest on your lap with your arms still. Now bring your awareness to the “place” your body occupies. Note the environment, consider where you are and close your eyes.
  4. Your Breathing Become aware of the “space” your body occupies. Bring your attention to the breath by exhaling through the nostrils. As the breath returns through the nose, fill the lungs completely, always avoiding any strain or exertion. Concentrate on the flow of the air in the nose, feel the temperature of the breath; the warm exhalation, the cool inhalation. Let the rhythm of your breath be even, smooth and unbroken with no jerks or breaks in the stream of air. Remember to avoid any strain or discomfort! Eventually you will notice that the breath breathes by itself.
  5. Concentrate on the Breath Concentrate your mind on observing the flow of your breath. As thoughts, feelings and other mental activity come to you, notice them. Let them remind you to bring the focus of your attention back to your breath. Feel the touch of air in your nose, the gentle out and in of the flow of inhalation and exhalation. Keep your awareness on the experience of your breath.
  6. Internal Silence Increasingly, you will realize that your body is calm, your mind focused and you will be aware of a feeling of peaceful alertness. You will experience an internal silence as the process of meditation becomes more familiar.


Meditation really does change the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us…

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    • Troubled by moments of anxiety? Maybe start with a simple meditation for anxiety to experience the calming effects of this practice.


Try this simple meditation exercise and get started on a journey of real discovery!

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