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Meditation To Relieve Stress

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.

Need a meditation to relieve stress, a meditation for anxiety?

Have you experienced the benefits of meditation for stress relief?

Stress features in everyone’s life, and can even motivate you to get going in some circumstances. Meditation can be a great help in coping with stress – good or bad – and, combined with visualization, can change your whole response to the demands of your daily life.

For starters with your meditation to relieve stress, keep the following affirmations in mind.
Repeat them to yourself during the day when negative thoughts or anxiety threatens to overtake you – it is so true that things change as we change our thoughts about them.

Stress Relief Affirmations

    • I enjoy solving problems.
    • I keep things in perspective.
    • I am a calm, methodical and efficient worker.
    • I love the feeling of having achieved what I set out to do in my day.
    • I enjoy being calm when others around me are not.
    • Whatever happens today, everything is okay just as it is.


The following meditation for stress relief is also a good meditation for anxiety. Don’t struggle to memorize it – more stress. You may find it easier to record the exercise so that you can concentrate on the images and visualization without worrying about forgetting a passage or having to refer to the page.Relax, assume your favourite meditation position and remember that you can create your own reality.



Meditation For Stress Relief

Imagine yourself in a situation that has in the past caused you stress.

Picture the situation and other people involved…


meditation to relieve stressSee yourself there…and notice a slight shimmer of light between yourself and those other people…

a sort of bubble around you… a protective bubble that reflects any negative feelings back to the people and situation…

leaving you able to get on with your tasks… leaving you able to get on with your life with an inner strength and calmness that even surprises you.

The invisible, protective bubble surrounds you at all times. It will only allow those feelings that are positive and helpful to you to pass through for you to enjoy and have more of.

Others may catch stress and anxiety from each other… negativity can also be infectious… but you are protected…

you continue to keep things in perspective…

and to deal with things calmly and methodically.

You are able to see the way forward clearly…

solve problems…

find ways around difficulties…

by using your own inner resources and strengths, which come from your experience and run deep.

Now see yourself talking to someone who has caused tension in your life.

See yourself telling them that their actions are unhelpful in resolving the difficulty or problem.

See yourself telling them in such a way that they can accept this without offence…

and find your own calmness and control…

a strength that supports you.

Know that you can tell someone if too much is being expected, and explain why.

See yourself in this situation… calmly explaining your areas of difficulty… being able to give examples and information until they understand your position.

Ask them to prioritize – or offer new ways to deal with the situation.

At all times you are surrounded by that protective bubble of light that keeps you calm and quietly confident.

Now imagine yourself pushing out through the bubble any emotions that are unhelpful or negative… past resentments… hurts… embarrassments.

Push them out through the bubble where they can no longer affect you or limit you.

You are now better able to control the way you feel and react…

The bubble stays with you and helps you remain calm…

keeping things in perspective… having the strength to change those things that you can… accept those that you cannot…

And move on.



More Useful Information

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Use this meditation to relieve stress and anxiety and start

living better everyday!



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Do you have a favourite stress relief place?
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