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Mindfulness Meditation Techniques Using Essential Oils

One of our favourite mindfulness meditation techniques combines using essential oils with your mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness awareness meditation is a wonderful stress relief tool and can be practised anywhere and at anytime…

Mindfulness is one of our favourite stress relief techniques. And combining mindfulness with appropriate essential oils just makes the whole exercise more effective and personal.

“When the soul approaches the mysteries; when it tries to rally to the great spiritual principles, the perfumes are there…

The odour of incense and roses fills the temples and churches of every religion in the world.”
Marguerite Maury’s Guide to Aromatherapy



mindfulness meditation techniques

For mindfulness meditation techniques using essential oils, we recommend that you treat yourself to a pottery or ceramic essential oil burner. These have a lower space for a night-light candle and an upper bowl for water, on top of which is floated between ten and fifteen drops of essential aromatherapy oil. The heat from the candle warms the water and the essentail oils evaporate with the steam, enhancing your mindfulness meditation.

How To Use Mindfulness Meditation Techniques With Essential Oils


    • Prepare the burner. Decide which oil or blend of oils you are going to use…

      Analyse how you are feeling and what you wish to gain from your mindfulness meditation…

      For example, you may feel tired and want to feel refreshed, so you would choose a mentally stimulating oil such as basil or rosemary and an uplifting oil such as bergamot, rosewood, or mandarin

      Check if there are any emotional disturbances – if you have had a long day you could add a soothing, nuturing oil such as benzoin, ylang ylang, or rose

      Every blend is a unique creation so allow yourself to be creative and use your intuition when deciding which oils will work for your mindfulness meditation techniques.


    • Prepare yourself. You don’t want to be distracted by anything, so switch off phones, set a timer for fifteen minutes if you are going to be concerned about the time, and choose to ignore any noise and let it go.




Mindfulness Awareness Meditation

  1. Prepare your burner and resolve to meditate for fifteen minutes.
  2. Sit in the meditation posture you have selected, and bring your attention to your breathing. Don’t try to breath any differently – just be aware of the sensation of the breath entering and leaving your body.
  3. Notice all the different thoughts, fantasies, memories, and feelings in your mind, and resolve to let them all go and simply watch your breath.
  4. When your mind wanders, don’t be too hard on yourself; this is what your mind normally does, and it will take time and effort to change it. Simply return your attention to the breath, and be aware of breathing in the essential oils as you inhale, but don’t think about them.
  5. Even if your mind seems to race furiously it doesn’t matter. Being aware of the here-and-now through your breathing is what counts; meditation is not a competition to see how quickly you can calm your mind.
  6. Don’t be tempted by a wonderful idea or thought; you have chosen to meditate for fifteen minutes, and you can think all your thoughts afterwards.
  7. When you finish meditating, try to take the quality of the feeling with you as you move into the rest of your day.



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