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Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesday 05 April, 2016.

Make Mindfulness Meditation a part of your everyday life and feel yourself living better every day!

When I remember to practice being mindfull in my daily tasks, I am less stressed, more calm and generally have a much better approach to all the demands and tasks that demand my attention…

An attitude of mindfulness is one of the most effective stress relief tools that I know of!

So what is mindfulness meditation all about?

The practice of meditation is simply the practice of remembering, of returning to what is happening right now

In each moment, the future has not yet arrived and the past is already gone…

Life really only occurs right on the “tip of this moment”

And Mindfulness Meditation is the practice of returning your attention to this present moment each time your mind wanders into thoughts of the past, or starts thinking about the future…

It’s simply bringing your self back to this felt moment of life.

Why practice mindfulness:

  • Increases attention span, strengthens concentration and capacity to focus

  • Rejuvenates the mind through direct access to inner calm

  • Promotes emotional intelligence through enhanced self awareness

  • Provides a potent tool for stress reduction, anger management, and impulse control

  • Increases ability to manage conflict with ease

Here is what a NYC medical practitioner has to say about the benefits of mindfulness…

Mindfulness and Stress Relief

Studies show that mindfulness can be helpful in stopping you focusing on things that cause stress; it helps you keep from dwelling on negative thoughts. Mindfulness can also be used to decrease anxiety over the future. It canprovide a break from stressful thoughts and allow you to take a mental break and gain perspective, among other things.

As mentioned earlier, mindfulness can be achieved most simply through meditation. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation has benefits for your physical as well as your mental health.

Do you tend to get restless during meditation (don’t worry, you’re not alone)? There are other ways to ease into the practice of mindfulness. Gardeninglistening to music and even cleaning house can become a practice in mindfulness if you take the right approach: focus on the present, and quiet that voice inside — the one that offers the running commentary on what you’re doing, what you’ve done, and what you will be doing.

More Useful Information About Mindfulness

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