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Positive Affirmations For Success: 5 Crucial Rules To Remember

Article By Michael Lee

Wednesday 03 April, 2013.

How do you write positive affirmations for success? When do you write them and where do you post them? With all these questions ringing in our head, it’s no wonder most people haven’t started anything at all yet.

Now that you’re here though, it’s time you learn how to come up with positive affirmations! Here are some important guidelines to follow:


positive affirmations for success


    • Keep Positive Affirmations for Success Short And Direct To The Point.

      Long, winding passages might have served some of your favorite authors well; but when it comes to writing positive affirmations for success, it’s vital that you keep them short and direct to the point. Shorter affirmations are more effective because they’re easier to remember than long and complex ones. Think of the shortest possible affirmations for your purpose without sacrificing their meaning to you.


    • Avoid Anything Negative.

      It sounds almost redundant to say this, but you have to be conscious about what you’re writing. Sometimes, people don’t think much of how they phrase their Positive Affirmations for Success. For example, “I don’t want to get sick” is negative. Although it sounds like you’re defending yourself against illnesses, the opposite effect might occur! That’s because your subconscious could ignore the word “don’t.” A powerful alternative would be to say something like, “I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit.”


    • Write When You’re In A Positive Mood.

      When writing positive affirmations for success, it is advisable that you do so when you’re happy, thrilled or excited. Calm and peaceful works as well. If you’re feeling frustrated, sad or defeated, your words will carry a hint of negativity in them. You won’t be able to look at your words without remembering that time when you were at your worst. Write only when you’re in a good state of mind. That way, the emotions attached to your affirmation won’t be spoiled.


    • Keep Them In Present Tense.

      Keeping your positive affirmations for success in present tense helps you attract your goals faster. It’s as if you’re living your life the way you want to, right at this very moment. It’s as if all your dreams and ambitions are now moving from your future to your present. When you think about it, doesn’t “I am the youngest CEO of this company” sound better than “I will be the youngest CEO of this company?” There are times, however, when you don’t “feel” it. In the example above, if you’re still having doubts inside when you say, “I am the youngest CEO,” you can instead say, “I choose to be the youngest CEO of this company.”


    • Post Positive Affirmations for Success Where You Can See Them.

      These affirmations are of no use if you don’t follow them up after writing or reciting them. You have to really commit yourself to change. By seeing your affirmations every day, you are reminded of a promise to yourself – that you will, from now on, take care of you! So post them on your laptop if you’re always using it or write them down on your notebook several times each day.Positive affirmations for success keep people going, even though others would have quit. If you’re not one to stop even before a job’s done, then keep these tips in mind.


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