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Psychology Of Colour

Sunday 23 February, 2014.

Learn about the psychology of colour!

Colour vibration is an ancient tool used for energy healing and stress relief.

Explore how different colours make you feel and learn how to make positive use of this powerful tool.

Colour can affect you both physically and psychologically…

What colours make you feel happy?


psychology of colour

According to the psychology of colour, in the short term colour can lift our spirits or help us to feel instantly relaxed, and in the long term it can be life-enhancing and even healing.

You may change the colours of your surroundings as an outward display of your personality and preferences – have a look at our colour guide, colour for your home, to see learn more about colour selection.

Psychology Of Colour And Mood

There are psychological associations with each colour, and colours can be linked to moods.

colour and mood


Redsoranges and yellows are warm and expansive and give a feeling of energy, excitement and joy.

Blues, indigos and purples are calming and cool. They quieten the temperament and induce relaxation.

The psychology of colour is a language that you can learn, just as you learn to read and write. When you understand the basic meanings of colours you can choose the colours in your life according to your needs.


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The Healing Power of Color

The Healing Power of Color: Using Color to Improve Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being


colour vibration

The sunset colours, pink and gold, are nurturing and excellent for healing emotional trauma

Using Colour Vibration For Stress Relief


Colour affects your state of mind and even has the power to cure illness. Whether or not you believe in the cosmic power of colours, their is definitely scientific proof that colour can warm you up or cool you down. Using obvious literal associations, sunshine yellow makes you feel warm and deep sea blue cools you down. When your eye sees that lovely yellow, the brain interprets and associates it with warm sunshine, and the opposite with cool icy blue – it is mind over matter.

How It Works

Each colour vibrates at a distinct rate that corresponds with a part of the body. When you are well you may like most colours, but illness will bring out preference for certain colours. It is these colour vibrations that are needed for healing.

  • When you are exhausted you may be drawn to reds.
  • Some one who gets over-excited would benefit from blues.
  • Depression needs yellows and golds.

The following guides will help you to explore how you feel, and help you to choose colours to enhance your well-being and make your everyday living better.

    • The seven chakras describe seven energy centers or chakras arranged along the spinal column. Each one focuses energy, and each is associated with a colour.
    • The chakra colour chart gives you all the information about chakras and their colours. Identify which emotion you are dealing with and see which chakra colour you can use to balance and heal your yourself.
    • Chakra balancing crystal colours are a wonderful way of using the psychology of colour to relieve stress, heal imbalances and restore health. Crystals are beautiful to have as home decor and have powerful energy vibrations.
    • Colour for your home is an exciting guide to all the colours, their meanings and how to use them for stress relief and home decoration
    • Feng Shui colour chart adds to your information about how to use colour to balance the energy in your home. Use this guide for a simple way to change the energy in your living space
    • Feng Shui colour for rooms has fun ways of how to add spice, relaxation, romance, creativity… whatever it is that you need… just by adding colour.
    • A colour meditation is a perfect way to make use of the healing energy vibration og colour. Our colour meditation page shows you how to do it.


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