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Reiki Gifts And Books

We have selected our favourite Reiki gifts and books for you to enjoy. Spoil yourself or choose a gift for a friend.

Remember that Reiki healing and self healing is a wonderful way to relax, ease stress and just generally make everyday living better.

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Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art
Reader’s Review

This is the most comprehensive book on Reiki that I have ever come across. I was so fascinated that I stayed up and read the whole book in one night–and I have read it, or even single chapters, again and again. Diane Stein’s experiences in trying to find a way to learn Reiki (since her financial means were limited) were especially intriguing to me. I was convinced by her view that all people are meant to know Reiki.

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The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui
Reader’s Review

The translation of Dr. Usui’s Reiki handbook is a a very significant development for the Reiki community. At last we have proof that Reiki is not an oral tradition and that Dr. Usui gave out written material to all his students. I find the exercises to be useful and that my Reiki healing abilities have increased. The explainations and the insights about the origins of Reiki are also helpful. The color pictures of the hand positions Dr. Usui rcommends for various illnesses and conditions are wonderful. I have tried some of them and found them to work. I am very pleased that we now have such detailed information from the founder of the Usui system to use in our Reiki practices.

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Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide
Review: Karen J. Gordon

Miles’s thirty years of experience as an educator, clinician, and lecturer in natural healing, as well as her years of Reiki mastery, yoga and meditation practice provided the perfect grounding and foundation from which to write this lucid, intelligible, and distinctly unique Reiki book. I have been enriched beyond my expectations. Miles’s book has further opened my own Reiki heart. Through her expression of Reiki, my own experiences have been deepened. With each chapter, a nod of my head. Yes, that is the Reiki I know and love.

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Reiki For Dummies
Reader’s Review

I am newly attuned to Reiki I and needed a comprehensive guide. This book is written in plain English without a lot of spiritual gibberish which tends to make Reiki seem that it is accessible only to gurus and New Age devotees. Covers everything, well orgainized and readable.


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The Reiki Teacher’s Manual: A Guide for Teachers, Students and Practitioners
Review: Robert Grote

I believe that I was one of the first Reiki Masters to buy, read, and review Tina Zion’s new book. I could not put it down. She has created an easy to understand, concise yet comprehensive method to consolidate the three teaching levels of Reiki into one book for both the teacher and student.

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Reiki The Ultimate Guide Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements plus Reiki Secrets You Should Know
Review: Dale Carney

Whether you are a novice or a Master, this book is for you! I am a Reiki Master of direct Usui lineage trained in Reiki before I found Steve Murray’s book. I was extremely pleased and surprised when I read it! While there is nothing to replace the actual ‘hands-on’ relationship of a Teacher and Student, or a Practitioner and Client, this book is the ‘next best thing.




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Ian Welch: Reiki Healing Journey


MP3 Downloads


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Reiki – Hands Of Light

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Journey Through Reiki With Lisa Guyman: Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction & Music – 5 Cd Set – EP

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Reiki Chants


Just For Fun


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Sterling Silver Amethyst Cho Ku Rei Pendant Reiki Pendant Jewelry
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