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Symptoms Of Emotional Stress

Wednesday 10 August, 2016.

What are the three major symptoms of emotional stress?

Symptoms of emotional stress usually occur when you have long periods of unresolved stress

Unresolved stress occurs when all your attempts to remove the cause of stress seem to fail. This can happen when you cannot come to terms with something that has occurred in your life…


emotional stress


Maybe you have experienced a huge loss in investments and a business that has gone bust? This could be a cause of stress that takes a while to manage.

Sometimes it is difficult to resolve stress if you are unable to accept certain events that go against your belief or upbringing, such as the breakdown of a marriage.

You may experience many emotional and psychological problems as a result from stress, in addition to your body’s physical reaction to stress…


Three major emotional symptoms of stress

  • Anger
    Anger is sign of emotional stress, especially if you feel helpless or isolated by a stressful situation. These feelings often occur in situations that are out of your control and therefore cannot be changed.
  • Anxiety
    Anxiety occurs when you are unable to perform in a manner that you would like to. For example, you may want to be able to make presentations that are entertaining and confident but feel tongue tied in front of a large audience. This can lead to repeated anxiety, every time you come close to a presentation date.
  • Depression
    Depression is probably the last and most extreme symptoms of emotional stress. Depression is a feeling of complete helplessness and you may have given up hope that things will ever get back to normal.

In times of stress you need to keep a clear head and keep control of your perception of things. But the fact is that frequent episodes of acute stress can greatly affect the way you think and feel

You can’t think clearly, you find it difficult to make decisions and you may experience temporary loss of memory…

You feel unable to think your way out of stress and might make poor decisions and cause even more stress for yourself.

Do you think you might have symptoms of emotional stress?

Check the list below…


  • I am often very near to tears.
  • I rarely laugh these days.
  • I react to everything with the same feeling.
  • There aren’t any ups or downs any more.
  • The least little thing sets me off.
  • I feel as taut as an over-tuned guitar string.
  • I seem to have lost the ability to feel or care for anything or anyone.


If you have ticked any of the above, you may be suffering emotional stress…The most important thing to realize during these times is the fact that the situation is actually as stressful as you want it to be

positive attitude can help you manage the most difficult of situations and prevent you from suffering emotional symptoms of stress…

How can you avoid negative emotional stress symptoms?

beat emotional stressIt is largely up to you to control the amount of stress in your life. You need to recognize the signs of stress early, so that you can make changes to remedy the problem…

And this is exactly what our site is all about – DIY stress relief – scroll down the navigation bar on the left and click on the stress relief techniques that appeal to you. Try them out and start managing your stress levels today!

Small things such as leaving a bit of spare time in your social diary to relax or spend time as a family will make a huge difference to your stress levels.

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