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Best Essential Oils For Hair

Sunday 30 July, 2017.

How To Make Your Own Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioner

Choose the best essential oils for hair depending on the condition of your hair.

I am NOT happy when my hair is giving me problems!

Dandruff, dry hair, hair loss… Big stress!

How about you?

And what about the effect of stress on your hair?

I have found some great essential oil remedies for hair problems…

Actually, try best essential oils for hair even if you don’t have hair problems…

On this page I will tell you how to make a basic shampoo, rinse and conditioner to which you can add the essential oil best suited to your hair…

Then scroll down and click on the ‘hair problem’ link to find out which best essential oils for hair to use.

Why use essential oils for your hair?

Essential oils are gentle and natural and do not strip your hair of it’s natural protection. The condition of your hair is affected when you are under stress, tense or not eating properly. Essential oils penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and follicle and aid the growth of healthy, shining hair. And there are even essential oils that encourage new hair growth.

There are two ways you can use the best essential oils for hair…

1. Add the essential oil to shop bought products.

When using a natural approach to hair-care, it makes sense to avoid using harsh detergent based shampoos. Go for a shampoo that claims to be mild, as this is less likely to strip your hair of it’s protective acid mantle. Choose a conditioner that is rich in protein. Add the essential oil listed under the category that best suits the condition of your hair.

For a simple hair and scalp tonic, try adding 5 drops rosemary and 5 drops tea tree to 20ml fragranced shampoo – a gentle baby shampoo works well.
Wash your hair as normal.


2. Make your own hair preparations.

There are basic recipes you can follow to which you add the best essential oils for your hair type. In this way you can be sure of what you are putting on your hair and save money at the same time.

How To Make Your Own Base

Shampoo Base

There are 3 variations which will give you a basic ‘soap stew’. Make whichever is most convenient. They can be kept for a long time.

  • Pure Soap Flakes can be bought from some health shops or pharmacy.100g soap flakes
    1 liter (2 pints) spring water

    Simmer the water and then add the soap flakes.
    Stir until the soap dissolves.
    Cool and bottle in old jar or similar container.
    Don’t worry if the mixture goes lumpy – just beat in a blender before you add your essential oils to make up your shampoo.

  • Castile Soap (should be pure)100g grated castile soap
    1 liter spring water

    Simmer the water, add the soap and bring to the boil until soap is dissolved.
    Pour into a jar and store until needed.

  • Soapwort Root – you can get this from a herbalist or health food shop. You need to crush the root.12g crushed soapwort root
    1 liter spring water

    Boil the water and pour it over the soapwort in a bowl.
    Leave to infuse for an hour and then filter it through muslin or a coffee filter etc, and bottle.
    You will need larger quantities of this base when you shampoo – at least 2 tablespoons of the finished mixture.


Many types of natural rinse can be used but I find that the best is a cider vinegar.

To this you can add the essential oils of your choice – 2 drops per tablespoon of vinegar, added to your final rinse water.


These two conditioner bases contain lecithin. The lecithin used to make best essential oils for hair conditioner base is extracted from soya beans. You can get this from a health food shop. It comes in granules and in liquid form; I use the liquid one which looks very thick but does emulsify beautifully.

The ‘bain-marie method’ means heating the ingredients over the stove without them coming into direct contact with the heat. If you don’t have your own equipment you can do this by putting a heatproof bowl over a pot of water. The pot of water needs to boil but doesn’t have to be very full. Make sure the water doesn’t get into your mixture.

  • Lecithin Base 1 

    50ml liquid lecithin
    50ml almond oil
    12ml jojoba oil
    6g cocoa butter Using the bain-marie method, mix all the ingredients until well melted and blended together. Pour into a jar and use as directed for the different hair types below.

  • Lecithin Base 2

    50 ml soap stew
    25ml liquid lecithin Using the Bain Marie method, warm the soapy solution and then drip the lecithin in slowly. Stir all the time. When well blended, bottle until needed.

All this great information and more can be found in Valerie Ann Wor wood:

The Fragrant Pharmacy

Mountain Rose Herbs

“Hair Problem”

Click on the link to see which best essential oils for hair to use for your specific hair type…

Go from Best Essential Oils For Hair to Essential Oils

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