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Base Chakra Essential Oils

Using chakra essential oils for chakra balancing and cleansing is a good way to stay calm, healthy and balanced…

And it is a simple DIY stress relief tool.

The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is muladhara, meaning root.

This chakra roots you into your body, the physical world and the earth…

The planet cannot survive without roots – neither can the human psyche.

Without grounding you become unstable, you lose your centre or daydream in a fantasy world…

By using chakra essential oils that help you resonate with the earth’s energies, you can make sure that you are always well grounded.

The healthy establishment of your ground is the essential work of the base chakra, and is also the foundation for any further growth.

Essential oils like …

  • sandalwood
  • cedarwood
  • rosewood
  • cypress …

are rooted deep into the earth and harmonize well with the base chakra.

I enjoy a few drops of sandalwood and once a week in a bath and often use it on clients with positive results.

How Do Essential Oils Work On Chakras?

An essential oil vibrates on a certain frequency and it supports the energy in your body that resonates on a similar frequency.

Dark black clouds of emotion like anger , greed and jealousy are all lower frequency resonances that bring your body down into an imbalanced state of dis-comfort and pain…

By using base chakra essential oils you are actually encouraging your body to raise its own vibrational frequency to a much higher state of health and well-being.

The base chakra is also related to your sense of belonging and to your tribal identity. When this chakra is out of synch, you can start experiencing feelings of isolation, which again lead to fear and anxiety…

Frankincense, geranium, rose, patchouli, ylang-ylan and clary sage are the essential oils to use when you are feeling alone in the woods.

Base Chakra Exercise

Try this very simple, yet effective D.I.Y visualisation and feel the difference…

  • Find yourself in a comfortable position
  • Clear your mind and relax your body
  • Visualise a russet red ball of fire spinning clockwise at the base of your spine
  • See it spinning steady and get a clear visual picture in your mind
  • Put one drop of sandalwood essential oil in your palms and rub together
  • Hold hands in front of your face and inhale deeply, keeping focus on the base of your spine
  • Repeat for a few minutes until you feel calm and relaxed

To apply essential oils on the base chakra, mix the oil with a carrier oil and apply either to the soles of your feet or your lower back.

By using base chakra essential oils, positive visualization and affirmations you will maintain good health and vitality and feel well grounded and comfortable in your body.

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