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Simple Face Massage

Saturday 14 October, 2017.

A simple face massage is easy to do and is a great form of stress relief. Follow the easy step-by-step 10 minute exercise and add this to your ways to manage stress

Massage is a very special form of touch. It stimulates the skin’s touch receptors, as well as warming the area being treated; fresh blood is brought to the lower layers of skin and relays pleasurable sensations to the brain. Deep relaxation and stress relief are the result. A simple face massage is very easy to do to yourself in front of a mirror.

simple face massage


Simple Face Massage – 10 minute stress relief exercise


  1. Take 5ml/1teaspoon of your chosen essential oil blend in your hand and work it into your fingers a little bit, then apply it quickly over the face, starting at your forehead, working around the eye area, then over the cheeks, nose and chin, to your neck.
  2. Place your hands so that the ends of your fingertips meet together in the middle of your forehead. using tiny little circular movements with all your fingers, work from the middle of the forehead out to the sides, to your temples. Bring the fingers back to the middle and repeat twice more.
  3. Using your first and middle fingers on each hand, start between the eyebrows and gently work your way outwards around your bony eye sockets, pressing down briefly then moving on. Make circles all around your eye aras. Then make tiny circular movements down each side of your nose, from between the eyebrows down to the tip.
    Repeat this sequence.
  4. Using all your fingertips, make tiny circular movements down your cheeks, from the cheekbones to your chin. Make a circle of tiny pressures all around your lips; then use your first finger and thumb on both hands, meeting in the middle of your chin, to massage along your jaw out to the side.
    Repeat this sequence.
  5. Using the palms of both hands, make gentle sweeping movements upwards under your chin. Continue these strokes up your cheeks, over your nose and forehead to your hairline.
    Rest your hands on your forehead to finish.

ways to manage stress

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