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Sinus Relief Massage

Friday 16 November, 2018.

Try a sinus relief massage to drain blocked and burning sinuses!

This practical and natural technique might just be your solution!

Massage to Relieve Sinuses

Sit comfortably and…

  • Place each middle finger in the centre of your forehead above your eyebrow.
  • Gradually increase and then release the pressure in a gentle rythmic motion. Not too hard!
  • Repeat several times.
  • Then sweep the fingers sideways towards the temples. Repeat several times.
  • Then place your middle fingers on either side of your nose and repeat the technique… Apply and release pressure. Sweep fingers towards temples.
  • Now place your index fingers at the top of your nose.
  • Apply pressure alternately by each finger, moving down the length of the nose.
  • Repeat several times. Follow with a sweeping motion down the nose and then across the cheek bones.

Any vocal activity, such as humming can also help unblock your sinuses and increase air flow!

Some Essential Oils have an excellent effect on blocked sinuses and can be used for sinus relief!

Click here to see my essential oils pages. Choose oils that appeal to you and inhale using whatever method suits you best!

If your sinusitus persists consult a medical practitioner as this can be extremely painful and difficult to treat!

Remember that massage can be used for much more than relieving blocked sinuses! How about a relaxing Hand Massage or a Foot Massage at the end of a long day.

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