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Head Massage for Stress Relief

Include Neck and Shoulders

A relaxing head massage has instant stress relief benefits. 

Include your neck and shoulders for a really beneficial an enjoyable stress-busting exercise!

Let us start…

massage head

    • Place the soft pad of the inside of your hands on your temple area and apply a slight pressure, gently rotate and release.
    • Move to your forehead. And using your ring finger, gently massage your forehead around the temple area. Massage the bone and muscles around the eyes.


massage jaw


    • Work your way down under the check bones, loosen your jaw and now using all your fingers massage the jaw muscles.


massage neck


    • Now slide your hands around to the back of your head at the base. Spread your fingers and thumbs as wide as possible and massage the muscles at the base of the neck in small circular motions.
    • Continue your head massage up the back of your head, over the top then back across the sides and don’t forget to do behind the ears.
    • Using your thumb and index finger, massage the entire ear. Concentrate on the lobe area to relieve sinusitis and stress headaches. Pull the sides of your ears outward and gently up and down and with your index finger press, rotate and release on the tender spot next to your ear where the lobe attaches to your head. Do both ears alternately 10 times.


massage shoulder muscle


    • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and grip the trapezius (shoulder) muscle between your thumb and four fingers and press, rotate and release. Work the neck muscle and then do the other side.


massage shoulders


    • And lastly, place your right arm over your right shoulder, open your hand, take hold of your neck and work the muscles nice and firmly. Now do the left side.

Whatever tension or stress you had in that area 10 minutes ago will be gone by now…

And always remember to have a glass of water after your head massage and any other form of massage! It helps flush the system of toxins that are released during the treatment.

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