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“Transcendental Sojourn: Arrival To One Journal” By Liz Cosline

By Liz Cosline

“Transcendental Sojourn” is a worthwhile read about the nature of life. I usually don’t like books that presume to tell me what to do, and how to do it, in order to feel better about my life…

And I thought that Transcendental Sojourn: Arrival To One Journal was going to be one of those…

But I was wrong!

Liz Cosline, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, had a near-death experience when she almost died of a brain aneurysm. This is what inspired her writings which explore different aspects of believing and knowing. In Transcendental Sojourn Liz shares how she decides to slow down and embrace all that life has to offer. It is her account of searching for spirituality and purpose – not the usual kind that we have been socialised with, but spirituality and purpose that has individual meaning. For example, she shares her concept of learning to trust, just as a child does a parent. She takes delight in the newness of each day and expresses her quest to be able to see and feel the true beauty of things around her. Transcendental Sojourn: Arrival To One Journal has a way of slowing down ordinary thinking, and encouraging you to reflect on the possibilities we all share…
She tells you about her experience and search for her spirituality and does not give instructions. Rather, she hopes that you will find your own journey of self-discovery! Just the sort of book that appeals to me…

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“Since my near-death experience, I wake up in the morning everyday or I wake up every day in the morning: and the day is about creating, recognizing and living life. It is about the changes that have occurred, how I look at life, and mostly how it feels. It is about taking in what happens to me and also around me. While growing up I heard the same things I hear today. What’s new? Nothing much. Same old same old. Same crap, different day. Not true at all. It just seems we get caught up in a whole lot of junk. It seems people get caught up in the things that are not all right in their lives.”
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Heather Shockney

“What can I do to make this world a better place for the children and future children and all of us?” If everyone lived by this philosophy the world would be a much better place.Transcendental Sojourn will make you examine your life. You will question your beliefs, and maybe decide you need to make some changes after reading this wonderful collection of journal entries. After recently suffering several losses in my life, in a short period of time, my faith was being tested. After reading this book I have a new outlook on my life, and why things happen like they do. I highly recommend this book for everyone.


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